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The Great Veteran Interview – Morty

The Great Veteran Interview – Morty

Hey Helpers! This week is special, a special week for you guys to get to know our wonderful HF Veterans. They were true important people towards HF and worked hard every step of the way to get us to where we are! Over the next 5 days, we will be interviewing 5 different veterans of the Help Force! For today, we present to you, the 3rd Leader of the Help Force, HF Legend Morty!

When did you join HF and why did you decide to Join it?

I joined HF on April 1st 2018. I had a few hours to play online games every night. Club Penguin Online was a growing CPPS however I was a little bored. So when I saw a few penguins trying to help others get stamps I joined the effort. I was then sent an invite by Ayan.
What memory do you consider your most memorable in HF as your time served in staff?
I enjoyed getting online every day with my stamp mission partner (poofypotato/Potatopuff). We did stamp missions as much as possible for 5 months which made us popular on CPO. We also got to meet some very cool people. Some of HF’s special games were also very fun. I am very proud of my retirement party with so many people. Some that I didn’t get to know that well but came and supported me in my decision to leave.
Do you ever see yourself coming back to Staff in the future? 
Ayan asked Elp and myself to watch over HF, and if it ever needed help to avoid it from crashing, we would step in and do whatever we could to save it. But so far HF has grown wonderfully due to the great leadership and staff that have done a terrific job.
Has HF impacted your non-penguin life in any way? If so, would you mind letting us know how? 
I was in a lot of CP armies back when original CP was around. While I had some success, I didn’t start a new army that grew very big. So what I did for HF and see it grow to what it is today has given me more confidence that whatever I start in real life has potential. It takes a lot of work and dedication but whatever it may be it is worth it in the long run if it turns out successful. If it doesn’t you still have learned something from it.
Is there anything you would like to say to the Helpers that joined HF This year?
Online friends/groups/armies can be here today and gone tomorrow. Time flies by fast so make your best effort to join in activities and give as much as you can while your all together. RPF was an active army when Disney’s Club Penguin closed in March 2017. They never closed their army and stayed active without a CP army community. In July 2018 the army community started battles/tournaments once again and they were and still are a huge army. I would like it if HF learned from their lesson and stayed active even after flash closing. I think that there are enough people interested in keeping the army community alive some how or some way. Help Force will always be the Best Force. :thumbsup:
And so you have it! Our first interview of the week! Morty has been a very important member of the Help Force and we are glad to always have him around! You can find him with the Advisor role in the HF server too! Come back tomorrow as we get into the next HF Veteran, a member many of you already know and love!


HF Marshal, Head Editor

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