Addressing Our New Leadership

Hey Helpers,

I’m sure you’ve seen the recent on-goings with Spotty and Lottie’s leave from the Force. Before you make your decision to stay or leave, be sure to read this. The Staff had every right to do what we did.

What Exactly Happened? Today, the 5th of February, the staff rebelled against their leadership. The leaders Spotty and Lottie were driven out of the Force. Of course, there were reasons and on-goings happening behind the scenes. Spotty and Lottie had given up all hope of leading and spent all their time messing around in other servers instead of being quality leaders.

Why Would The Staff Do Such A Thing? This is where the bulk of our new leadership reasoning is going to go. Spotty and Lottie abused the staff, and instead of spending their time doing the segs they were forcing the staff to do, they were in VC and playing games.

Not only did they spend their time playing games instead of hosting the segment they were so bothered about none of the mods being able to host, they gave excuses for why they weren’t able to host it.

Then when confronted with staff’s reasons as to why they weren’t able to host, this is all Lottie had to say.

We were the disgrace for being busy, while they were sitting there playing a game instead of hosting the segment they could have very well hosted.

Why Spotty Was Unsuited For Continuing To Lead. In several conversations, Spotty had already declared Help Force a dead force.

Despite putting in no effort, Spotty also declared that she was trying her best. If trying means canceling every other event, ignoring the segments that needed to be done, and putting in no enthusiasm, then I’m sure she was.

What Happens Now? Now that HF has shed it’s corrupt leaders, we will enter a new generation. A generation where things are going to change and get better. An generation, in which Ayan has dubbed, “The Underdogs Generation.
Right now you all have a choice, stay and help rebuild the Force, or leave and claim that what the staff did was unjust.
To those that choose to stay, thank you and keep Unleashing The Power of Helping!

~ Moon

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