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Last Sunday makes our revisiting to such an old tradition Help Force started for, and it’s our very first Stamp Segment on Club Penguin Journey! We first logged onto CPAB to gather the max then we logged onto CPJ to gather some activity stamps together!

MAX: 31+

Comment below if you attended!

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Hello Helpers! this Tuesday we logged onto Club Penguin Journey for the first time and set a sail towards a new adventures! We waddled around and had a great time at event with our CPJ uniforms! Thanks to Amman, CPJ staff team and everyone for making it happen!

Max: 18+

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CPJourney Guide: October Catalog Secrets

Ladies and gentlemen, penguins of all ages, gather around! Today marks a momentous occasion in the mesmerizing world of Club Penguin Journey the highly-anticipated first look of the all-new Penguin Style Catalog!

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CPJourney Guide: New HF Uniform

Greetings people! So today we present to you the amazing Club Penguin Journey game, where we will be hosting many fun events and Stamps activities, but first, we need a Uniform, so we prepared an amazing one for you all!

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