The Help Force Diaries

Greetings Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of the Help Force Diaries, where we recap the big events of the week, significant news, and perhaps some promotions that have happened during the week! In the wake of a hugely successful Halloween Week, this week was somewhat quieter in comparison, but as we all know, there’s always something happening in Help Force! So let’s review what happened this week…

Dear Diary
The main event of this week was the Big Saturday Army Practice which saw maxes of 53+ on Zipline. The objective of this practice was to become accustomed to the original room design once again and to get used to specific formations in various rooms. Despite an average max, the tactics were performed smoothly by the helpers, which made the event flow well and result in a decent overall effort. For more details of this event, click the link here:
The only other event that occured this week was a Spanish Card-Jitsu Fire Tournament, hosted by Maurox. This happened on Friday night as the Hispanic Community battled in the volcano for supremacy and glory. After many heated battles, the tournament was won by the week’s GoTW, Fxizaxx, who fought off the rest of the competition and conquered the event! Congrats Fxizaxx!
Talking about GoTW, this week was another segment-filled week, which kept activity high in the Force without the events in place. This week saw a familiar name back on top of the leaderboard as Katty claimed her 8th GoTW title with a whopping 4850 points, 1300 points more than her closest rival. Another dominant display! Congrats Katty!
In other news this week, the Templars ceased to being enemies with Help Force and have come in search of forming an Alliance between Help Force and Templars, putting all history and menace aside. This new alliance’s first main co-operation will be on Monday, as the freshly updated NAA will battle against Light Troops and Co. in a battle for Flurry, an official CPO server. But more on this next week of course…
Thank you for reading this rather short diary entry this week, we hope to see you in the battles and events next week, and as always, remember to Unleash the Power of Helping!

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