Important – For the Website Staff

Notice : This is mandatory for the website staff and people added into it to read. If you are not a part of it , you may ignore this post.


-> For the Contributors/Authors :

Make sure to read the Tutorial on the discord and do follow it. It has been noticed that people have been creating short drafts on the website. Please note that this is not a random work which you have to do , If you’re making a Post , It must be of enough length that satisfies the name of it.

-> For the Editors :

The SEO [ Search Engine Optimization ] of the Help Force’s website is stable due to the website being organized completely. Posts need to be categorized into Categories as I’ll state here , Failure to do that results in the site efficiency to go down which further results in consequences. Make sure you add the Appropriate categories to Posts.
To Fly , Don’t use Showcard Gothic on the whole post , It makes it look Unorganized. Also as you’re probably experienced now in Text Editing , I’d advise you to teach it to the other bloggers to use it wherever necessary.

Categories to be added – What type of Posts :

  • Event Posts – Categories [ Event Posts , Help Force CPO , HF CPO , Official Events / Club Penguin Battles / Allied ]
  • Any Important Army related post – Categories [ Help Force CPO , HF CPO , Important News ]
  • Other Newsletters – Series – Categories [ HF CPO , <The Series Named category> for example : Help Force Beacon ]
  • Club Penguin Game / Etc Guides – Categories [ HF CPO , Club Penguin Online Guides ]
  • How to / Insights – Categories [ HF CPO , How to / Help Force Insights ]

P.S : Editors talk it out ASAP and have all the Published Posts which do not have the supposed categories added in it.


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