The Help Force Diaries

Hey Babes! Welcome back to another edition of the Help Force Diaries! An article where we review the events and activities of the week, as if it were a real diary! Compared to last week, this 7 days were slightly quieter, with 2 Battle Practices and a Fun Event on Sunday led by some special guests. Can you remember who they were? Let’s take a look and see how this week fared in the Help Force!
Dear Diary
The first event of the week was a Battle Practice on Wednesday, at a timezone suitable for US members. This saw the return of Ex-Leader Elpiojo, who came back to Help Force to celebrate his penguin’s 1 year anniversary on CPO. Elp went and led all 3 rooms in this event, testing out different tactics, emoji combinations, formations and even rooms! Despite being not the most organised event ever hosted in Help Force, the Helpers sure enjoyed a little change from our normal routine! Here’s a picture of one of the tactics in the event:
There were no other major events until the Saturday event which was led fully by Tistle, in Spotty and Lottie’s absence. This event, like many others before it, ran smoothly and swiftly, with a good attendance and well executed tactics throughout the event! This event saw maxes of 65 which was impressive considering the reduced amount of staff at the event. Here are a few snaps from the event:
Sunday’s Surprise Fun Event was an unscheduled event hosted by Ayan, Help Force’s Creator, as his birthday celebration from earlier this week. He hosted a Family Feud on Zipline which was attended by 35+ members, even with only 45 minutes notice of the event. The competition was destroyed by Lottie’s team, who won every round with a clean sweep of the other 2 teams! Here’s a slightly dubious picture of the event :joy:
This week’s Gamer of The Week Award was won by Katty once again, claiming her 9th title in style! This was Katty’s 2nd smallest win, winning with 4025 points and 725 points ahead of Kendall in 2nd place! These two star Helpers were the first two people to collect the new “Elite Helper” role, for accumulating over 2500 points over the week! Congrats again Katty on yet another GoTW!
As always, thank you for reading this week’s edition of the Help Force Diaries, we hope to see you again in the coming segments and events, including Spotty’s Birthday Event next Saturday! So always remember guys, to continue to Unleash the Power of Helping!

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