[EU] Invasion of Marshmallow!

Heya Helpers!

This Monday saw one of the most exotic Invasions Help Force has ever seen as 42 helpers, or dare I say, tourists, embarked on a journey around several rooms on the island and claiming Marshmallow for our own! Another no-show from RFCP meant that HF could stroll around the island as they pleased, but instead of set rooms, the Helpers were introduced to another new tactic: Run. This tactic is designed to help the transition between neighboring rooms easier, using tactics between rooms whilst travelling through them. This work exceptionally well on multiple occasions and meant that HF went on a mini tour with Tour Master Tistle leading the way! Stay tuned Helpers as this may well return as a future event soon!

MAX: 42+


25 Responses

  1. Nice touring!

  2. I attended!

  3. Attended! ripa3sagoli6

  4. i was herrree

  5. Attended :)))

  6. I attended

  7. I attended! Very fun!

  8. I attended 🙂

  9. I attended!

  10. I attended!

  11. I was there!!

  12. I was there! I just had to use a new alt (P5731376)

  13. I was there _Storm(naji2)

  14. I was herrree – Dest

  15. It was phenomenal ! <3 <3

  16. gj everyone xo

  17. I was there ~ Mintea

  18. I attended! I’m Lil (lilypad19 on CPR)

  19. I attended! And it was fun! Specially the unofficial mascot!

  20. I attended! 🙂

  21. was there

  22. My name on discord isn’t ButZyy, sorry for late response

  23. I attended

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