[US] Invasion of Crystal

Hey Helpers!

Thursday’s event was following suit of Wednesday’s invasion as we saw a total of 38 Helpers attend the invasion of Crystal! We were once again greeted by, more or less, the same number of RFCP troops as yesterday and Undesirable Number 1 of the CPR army community: Dale. Both parties causing mayhem and disruption for no particular reason. Despite these obstacles, the force still managed to put together an unbelievable show and fill multiple rooms on Crystal. Here are some pictures from this extremely successful event.

MAX: 38+


25 Responses

  1. we took crystal by storm!!

  2. Hi I attended!

  3. I attended

  4. I attended!

  5. hello i attended

  6. i was there

  7. I was there -Storm(naji2)

  8. this was my 3rd invasion and it was just as cool as the first!! HF HF HF!! Crystal is ours!

  9. I attended!

  10. I attended

  11. I got banned at “PERSONALLY, WE LOVE BLUE” -Kimi/Yang

  12. HfHfHf <3 -madras

  13. I attended!

  14. Truly one of the best events i’ve attended

  15. I attended

  16. I attended! I’m Lil (lilypad19 on cpr)

  17. I attended
    Discord: CyberPowerPanda
    CP: XCyberPowerX

  18. I attended
    Discord: LaurBenzedrine
    CP: laurr11037

  19. Good job everyone we crushed them!

  20. I attended’n

  21. i was there

  22. I came and it was so much fun-everydream!

  23. forgot to comment, promo?

  24. WOOO BOOYAH! I attended hehe.

  25. I came and I had a great time-everydream

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