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Some of the content in this article discuss mature topics, in addition to screenshots of a VERY sexual nature to highlight the points this article makes. These sections are obviously not appropriate for younger audiences, so please be aware of that before reading on.

Hey Helpers. I’ll just go by Gabriel here for now, and I’m here to give you information on your current foe: Recon Federation of Club Penguin. Personally, I heavily buy into the idea that you must know and understand your enemy to truly face them. Hopefully, this will help with that.

Who are the RFCP?

The RFCP were an army founded by Prior Bumble about June last year. He’s a CPA vet from Pre-2010 and has had a very controversial stance in the Army Community.

RFCP have been infamous for a while now this side of CPA as an army constantly surrounded by controversy. They’ve always believed in “Worshiping” their commander and following a Cult Environment in their Army Discord and events.

All of this has led to many Controversies happening around them, but they’ve been dodging it and have been misguiding their troops that what they do is right. We’ve declared War on them so that we can KILL this Virus out from the CP Armies itself. Read below to find out more.

Kailey’s Open Letter

Around mid-September, high ranking RFCP member Kailey suddenly departed RFCP, leaving behind the first open letter. The letter was largely written off at the time, but is today viewed differently. Take a look at this extract from the letter, especially the parts I’ve emboldened.

“Despite the fact that I still love Prior, he has changed. He used to be humble and Prior used to be just a character. Now, Prior has fallen victim to power. Power can change people. Someday, when he digs his true self back up again, not Prior Bumble, but the real him, he will have escaped from this false reality. Everyone worships Prior in the RFCP. The RFCP revolves around him. The tactics, the constitution, the scavenger hunt, ect. all include him. RFCP has become a cult, with Prior as the leader. Those who leave, are demonized.

In this, Kailey mentioned how she was in love with Prior and how circumstances changed when RFCP grew. The army has become a Cult and every troop now, Worships Prior Bumble.

Just so that everyone knows, When we declared war, RFCP started a trend in their Discord Server – ” #ImtheEmpireofPrior ” , This shows how the army isn’t devoted to the Army culture itself but worships Prior Bumble instead.

“I brought these concerns to Prior and he shut them down, claiming that I was the one who changed. I’ll admit, I have. I was viewing RFCP with tinted glasses. When I joined the CPA team however, I took them off, even if just for a moment. After putting them back on, I could not forget the world I saw outside of RFCP.”

This was what Kailey put forward. With no evidence to support her claims, she was dismissed. Her claims were further discredited when she rejoined RFCP and renounced the letter.

However, this was not the end of matters. Just the beginning.

Fast forward to November 2019 and Kailey had left RFCP again and left behind her second open letter, except this time, she included dozens of screenshots from her conversations with Prior Bumble.

Let’s just say those screenshots say a lot about the kind of person Prior Bumble is.

RFCP Banned from CPA

And then, RFCP was suspended from the CPA league. Why? Because of interactions like this.

I really hope you paid attention to that mature content warning at the start of this article.

Yep, that’s an actual conversation that happened. The other person in that conversation was 12 Years Old.

And then there was the exposure of the “Casting Couch Parties.”
Yep, hoards of “18+” RFCP members got together to have virtual sex.

Questionable NSFW Content Moderation

The following extract is taken from a recently released blog post by Rowan Alden, an Ex-RFCP member that now hates Prior:

“Moderation was very lax on NSFW content throughout 2019 in RFCP. It was not uncommon for sexual comments and references to be made in the RFCP general chat by RFCP members. There was a channel for these conversations to happen, but no one enforced the rules regarding these conversations taking place there, and for a while, there was very little protection for minors from seeing this channel. The “Silver 30” role for minors was seldomly given out. I was 15 whilst in RFCP and could easily access the NSFW channel, despite my age being known.”

NSFW drama quickly became the last thing people remembered to Criticize RFCP for. The parties were exposed to the CPA league’s admins, and RFCP were suspended for a week.

RFCP refused to return to CPA and opted to start up their own league, Club Penguin Warfare. More on that later.

RFCP Circumventing Battle Rules 

Many have claimed that RFCP uses members from other armies to bolster their own sizes.
There is some evidence to support this.

I can confirm that RFCP circumvented the “No Allies” rule for the Templars during their war with ACP. The operation is referenced on the RFCP website as the Gridline Wars.
Here are screenshots that verify what was said.

So yeah, it throws huge credibility to the idea They’ll do it again.

And then there are all the rumours about Pretzels giving RFCP throughout their wars with ACP and Romans, and vice versa.

Club Penguin Warfare 

Do you remember that league RFCP set up?
This is the page advertising the armies in CPW.

Looks pretty impressive and active, right?

This is the Most Recent Top Ten.

Yep, CPW has gone from 11 armies to 4.
Oh, wait, Pretzels just shut down.
11 Armies to 3.

And they jab at CPAM for being “Inactive”.

Further information on RFCP’s drama

The links below can provide further information on RFCP’s dark history.

The original open letter, written by Kailey. Established the claims that are now considered by some as facts.

A more recent piece regarding the cult allegations, as well as the NSFW controversy. A few of the screenshots in this article are from this website, so credit to the guy that wrote this post.

Be Ready, War on.


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