Know your Ally – Dino & Mabel

As we get very close to fight the Water Vikings in the Ausia Arena finals battle, I decided to interview their leaders to see what they think about the Help Force and also get to know more about them!

Dino and Mabel are the current two Leaders of the Water Vikings, since the moment they both joined leadership, the army had many improvements and made it to the top. Dino is also known for his fantastic Graphic designs in the CPA community, adding the leadership traits makes him a person worthy of his title as a Viking leader. Mabel is not only an amazing leader who is very helpful towards others, but she is also a fantastic events host, if you go to Water Vikings Discord server during event, you will see her leading the Vikings in a very cool and organized way, also Mabel Smells.

Hello Water Vikings leaders, how are you both doing today?

Dino: I am doing good.

Mabel: I am doing great, ty for asking.

Can you start this interview by telling us, what do you both think of the Help Force as an army?

Dino: I think the Help Force is a great army. They clearly have a nice community going for itself whilst also maintaining good standing with pretty much every army. I actually was a member of one of HF’s earliest generations having joined it in uhh I think July 2018. I’ve always respected HF as an army, especially since I am friends with Ayan for some years now. HF is a quietly good major army.

Mabel: I feel like the Help Force are a very strong army- especially in their AUSIA who easily can hold up for themselves. It’s always been interesting to having battles with them and see what they’ll do, but as well as any inside jokes the army has to offer that just been built up over the months of both allyships.

What do you think makes the Alliance between WV and HF a unique alliance?

Dino: I think that makes it unique since it’s not necessarily an ACTIVE one but it doesn’t need to be. Whenever we need to work with Help Force, we communicate and collaborate with one another. A good example is the SWAT war last year. We worked very well with HF to accomplish our objective. It’s a very positive alliance that works together when necessary.

Mabel: Both armies have long lasting history I feel like. Help Force and Water Vikings have been allies for some time now, I feel like even before I joined if I’m not wrong they were allies, if not, I’m good terms with one another at least. Help Force and Water Vikings whilst I was around had almost never had any tension with each other either, only throwing around inside jokes at battles like I said.

Who do you consider your closest friends from the Help Force?

Dino: From the active Help Force? That’d probably be like Beasto, although I’ve had a long history with working and being friends with Ayan as well so he would be included in that if he was still actively involved in HF xD

Mabel: Beasto obviously for sure LOL, I don’t talk to people from Help Force on the norm or go into their main chat all that much, but I’ve popped in a few times to talk to people there.

Do you have any favorite moments/memories between HF and WV? and if so, can you both share your favorite one?

Dino: I can’t name an exact memory off the top of my head outside of the SWAT war, although that was definitely enjoyable haha

Mabel: I think pinging Elp is one of my favorite memories, it was worth getting muted for 🦭

If you had the chance to host any event you want right now with the Help Force, what event would it be? and why?

Dino: Cow event. Why? Because Spootles, that’s why.

Mabel: Elp takeover event. We will declare on all visitors as they have no rights

Outside the Club Penguin cults, what other hobbies do you have?

Dino: Graphic design, writing, chess, and research. I’m a nerd after all.

Mabel: In high school I took up some leadership positions in my choir which I guess helped in a way for CPA somehow LMAOO, including being in Yearbook which helped me with writing posts. But right now I work a job at a restaurant and I’m starting college to study to be a Marine Biologist

If you had only three tickets for a trip to visit a different country each day and have fun with 2 people, one from HF and one from WV, who would you pick?

Dino: Ayan (India) and Funks (EU) I guess lol.

Mabel: I would take Beasto and Jojo 🙏 one would end up dead by the trip most likely.

Rip Jojo ig…

Mabel: ur the one that’s gonna die probably

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to the lovely readers?


Mabel: Visitors have no rights and seals are better than penguins 🦭

We have come to the end of the post! Have a good day everyone. Till the next time :DDD

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