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HF Insight: Preparation for Domination [Nov 22-28]


What’s poppin helpers?

Welcome to this weeks edition of 

Help Force Insight

Help Force Insight (or HFI) will always be about the previous Sunday and the following week (sunday-saturday)


Table of contents

  • What’s happening
  • Army statistics
  • Week in short
  • GoTW Interview

What’s happening?

Welcome to what’s happening! The section where talk about all that is going on in help force, from major changes to casual gossip. Let’s see what’s happening in help force this week!

The Help Force has some busy weeks ahead of us. With the Christmas Chaos Tournament happening next week, Help Force is making sure to conquer it through The Blue Squadron Training Program. Helpers who choose to undergo this program are trained on how to go from new members, to the most elite of helpers!! Ask for the blue squadron role in #role-apply if you want to join the program and become an elite helper!

On Saturday (November 28) we logged onto the massive Aces of AUSIA Gathering! We saw many armies there such as ACP, SE, and RR but Help Force destroyed the event with the highest max there. In addition, we practiced tactics for the upcoming Christmas Chaos Tournament starting tomorrow!! Great work Helpers!!

Army Statistics

Thanks to CPAH for our Top Ten Statistics
CPAH: Top Ten

This week we saw an increase in placement!! Moving up to fourth place on the major armies leaderboard!! Keep up the great work helpers!

In addition, we have seen 110+New members join the server!!! Causing the server to surpass 6000 members, reaching 6079!!! Thank you to all you hard working recruiters, you do so much and we are so thankful for it.


Because of alll the hard work and effort put in by helpers like you, it has allowed the max average of US and INT time-zones to grow this week!! Additionally, our weekly max average has reached 43!! Great job helpers, thanks for all you hard work!!

Week in short

Sunday, Nov 22

Who doesn’t love stamps? Cause today we logged onto CPR for [AUSIA] Stamp Missions on CPR!! It was lead by Riley and Marsh and maxed 47+!! Later in the day we logged on for MORE STAMPS!!! This was the [EU] Stamp Hunting on CPR and maxed an impressive 52+. It was lead by Monika and Rooboo!! We hope you al got a ton of stamps today!!

Monday, November 23

Today we logged on for the [EU] Lumberjack Takeover led by Nelly and Wynn!! It maxed 30+ Did you enjoy attending? We hoped you wood. We also logged on for more stamps with the [US] Stamp Adventure led by Joe. It maxed a considerable 39+

Tuesday, November 24

GO HELP FORCE!! Today we had our [AUSIA] Referee Takeover that maxed 47+! It was lead by Jayden, Riley, and Ru! Amazing work guys, these tactics were clean as a whistle.

Wednesday, November 25

It’s raining, it’s pouring, so make sure to bring an umbrella because we had our [EU] Cosmic Umbrella Takeover that maxed 37+ It was lead by Monika, Wynn, and Nelly. Even rain couldn’t postpone this event.

Thursday, November 26

Today was a break day so no events were hosted. However, even on break days Help Force still works hard through various training segments, stamp segments, and recruitment segments hosted throughout the day.

Friday, November 27

On Friday we logged on for the [INT] Stupendous Stamping Session that maxed 54+ and was lead by Riley! Later in the day we logged on again for the [US] Goalie Takeover lead by Joe, Maya, and Planet, maxed  33+.

Saturday, November 28

AUSIA FORCE BEST FORCE!! Today we all logged on to the The great AUSIA Gathering [AUSIA] lead by Barnito and Nelly, Help Force smashed it with a max of 46+!!

GoTW interview

HFI: Hi Vixx!!! Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed today, it’s a pleasure. Congrats on winning GoTW!!! It was well deserved. How does it feel to finally win?

Vixx: Hey! Thank you! Means a lot! I still can’t believe that I actually won, because It was my first time trying and I know how hard it is. But I’m super happy to be here! You all helped me a lot this week and without you I probably wouldn’t even be here. So thank you.

HFI: aww, we are all so happy to help and so proud of you for accomplishing it!!! :luv~1: We are so glad to have you here too. What motivated to achieve GoTW?

Vixx: I just love to be here and I enjoy going to segments and events and spend time with you all. And I got so many points the week before my GoTW week and I didn’t even try, so someone told me that I have it in me and I should actually try and go for it. And I was like why not? I always believed that I can do it and here I am.

HFI: YEESS!! We love to having you here too! It’s always pleasure to see you in the chat and at segments. Whoever told you you had it in you, was apparently right :hehe: . Now, switching the subject a little, what do you enjoy doing outside of HF?

Vixx: Hehe. (: I enjoy a lot of things. I love to play with my little brother, he’s amazing . NETFLIX, I feel like I have seen every single movie and series, haha.. I like sports, it’s also something really close to my heart. I love to spend time with my best friends and family. I could go on and on. (:

HFI: Those all sound amazing!!! :juanhue: You really do so much!! Also, YES NETFLIX!!! :mo: There is really so much to watch on there. I am glad you found so much stuff that you enjoy to do!! What sports do you play?

Vixx: Thank you! I played basketball for 12 years, it’s still really close to my heart and I will always enjoy it. I also like to play tennis, even tho I’m bad at it.. like you have no idea how bad, haha. Beach volleyball is also amazing… As far as watching, I can watch every single sport expect soccer, I’m sorry soccer fans, haha.

HFI: Wow!! 12 years of basketball!?!?? That is so much! And you do so many other sports on top of that! It’s good to hear you found so many sports you enjoy! I have never tried tennis but i am guessing i would be very bad at it too :hehe: . What would you say to anyone watching this interview who wants to go for GoTW?

Vixx: To everyone who wish to be here someday: believe in yourself and no matter how hard it is never ever give up on yourself, because you are strong, you are beautiful and you deserve it. And not just when you try to go for GoTW, but in everything you do. (:

HFI: Such powerful and beautiful words from such an amazing person!!!! Thank you for being such a pleasure to interview today!! I really hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. :heart:

Vixx: Wow, so good to hear this from someone as awesome as you are! I really did enjoy it! Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was amazing! :heart:

We thank you all for taking the time to read this edition of HF Insight!! We hope you enjoyed learning about this busy week!

HFI Cowriter: Chickn Strips

Editor: Barnito

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  1. Great jobbbb! really amazing.!;)<3

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