Introducing the Blue Squadron Program

Heyo Helpers!! 

We know that the Christmas Chaos X Tournament, hosted by CPAH is coming up real close and we are participating in it. This Tournament is one of the few which was hosted back when the original Club Penguin was present.
Knowing 16 armies will be participating, this one will be as crucial as the Legends Cup X, a Tournament hosted back in June this year.

For every army, the strength lies it its members. The troops are the vital key. The only way we are going to dig deeper to prove that Help Force is indeed the Best Force along with the fact that we are a Formidable Force too.

All the activities of the Blue Squadron Program, will be effective from Monday (23th November) onwards.

What is the Blue Squadron Program ?

Troops who will participate in this Program will be assigned to a Staff member, who will be incharge to help you learn the ropes and all the other essential stuff needed to battle on CP. It will include 5 Sessions, on CPPS like CPRewritten, CPArmies or HF Island. Each session will be mentored by the assigned Staff Member. It may or may not be on the same day, or on the next day. It depends on the Host.

The Blue Squadron role will be given to all those who request in #role-apply channel!

Note: Attending Training Sessions will not fetch you points or add up to your segment attendance. This is completely unassociated with Promotions earned by points or segment attendance. This program will have its own roles and promotions which will be done after the end of each session.

Session 1: Trainings on CPR & CPA

  • Includes an average of 30 minutes of recruiting on CPR aiming to get a good amount of recruits and teaching them quality-style recruiting.
  • A small break, followed by creating an account on CPArmies and logging on for knowing what are the rooms mainly used for battles, learning various formations and performing tactics. Only the hosts will lead with tactics for this day and all trainees are expected to follow the command.

Session 2: Know Your Army

Each Host incharge of leading the squadron will be hosting one quiz. This quiz will be having basics elements of HF, ranks, statistics, records set during various events, segments. HF History will be taken from Era Two.

Session 3: Training Phase 1

Judging by the performance in Day 1, the host will focus on more training and prepare the troops for the battle system, event picture taking and all the other necessary elements one needs to be ready for battles.

Session 4: Training Phase 2

The Host will begin with teaching and leading the troops covering areas like formation drawing and submission, opposition troop covering, formation planning, tactics covering, etc.

What are the rewards or benefits?

Firstly, when we go to battle an army, you won’t be seeing stars on how to do tactics, emotes, formations, bombing, raking and countless other different kinds of tactics. The Staff are doing this so that you will learn, train and be ready for the battles coming up.

In addition, after each Session, you will receive promotions. New roles have been added. Check the ranks page!

Make sure you check out the #battle-guide channel in the server for more information wrt battles!

Focus up, attend them even if you’re a high ranked troop. Everyone needs to know the essentials required.

Train well and show the true fighting spirit of the Help Force!

~ Barnito, HF Commander

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