Get to Know the Help Force Staff: lafilleaveclevisage(Taylor)

Hey Helpers! This time we have our wonderful and newest US General, Taylor, commonly more known as lafilleavelevisage! She is a lovely member of the Help Force and we can’t wait for you to get to know her more!

Everything in the block-quotes has not been edited in any way except for grammatical errors.

Jayden: Hey Taytay! Let’s start off with an easy one, how long have you been in the Help Force?

Taylor: Hi Jayjay! I’ve been with Help Force for about 4 months now!

Jayden: ooooo that’s quite a short amount of time! How long have you been staff?

Taylor:  Since July 10th, so about three weeks which is super crazy for me to think about. It feels like so much longer yet it’s flown by so quickly

Jayden: oh wow thats great! So, how does it feel being staff?

Taylor: It was super scary at first, but now that I’ve gotten close with a lot of the staff it’s a lot less intimidating and actually quite fun! Quite a bit more work than I was expecting there to be behind the scenes, but it’s been easy to get used to and simplify 🙂

Jayden: yay! we are definitely not intimidating whatsoever! What would be your favourite tactic, formation and room?

Taylor: Hmm, that’s a hard one. I really like the X formation because it’s simple but looks really good. I like stadium because it’s symmetrical, easy to do most formations in, and it has nice lines and circles that help others figure out formations quicker. I don’t know that I have a favorite tactic though… maybe Grub! because it’s so random and funny…

Jayden: What is your favourite thing to do in HF?

Taylor: My favorite thing would probably be battles. Being a part of Legends Cup was so cool and it really opened my eyes to how fun being a part of HF is

Jayden: Ah yes! Legends Cup X, an amazing month for HF no doubt! What about outside of HF?

Taylor: Yes for sure! Outside of HF I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and working out

Jayden: So what is your favourite game on Club Penguin?

Taylor: My favorite game in the original Club Penguin was cardjitsu water, but now that I can’t play it anymore I’d have to go with sled racing because it’s quick but fun

Jayden: ah yes CJ Water and Snow probably one of the best games out there! Finally, what would be your favourite colour?

Taylor: My favorite color is either red or light, bright blue

And that’s Taylor everyone! Make sure to give her a big ol’ hi and give her a “Hey Stinky” from me as well! If you want to chat with Taylor anytime, DM her on this account over on discord! lafilleaveclevisage#0721 To see more of the other staff interviews just go-ahead to the search bar and type in “Get to Know the Help Force Staff”!



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  1. love you TAYTAY <3

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