[EU] Stamp Fiesta

Hey Helpers! Today, after a small delay for Gary to pay a visit, we logged onto CPR for a huge Stamp Fiesta! We got stamps in the nightclub, dance lounge, pizza parlour, iceberg, igloos and serene springs thanks to Janez!

You all did amazing, join us next time for more stamps!


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Thanks for attending today, hope to see you at more events.

Help Force Best Force!

23 Responses

  1. I attended!

  2. I attended!

  3. I was there as Jxn101, ty for hosting!!

  4. Attended, can I get a cookie? 🙂

  5. Attended

  6. I attended

  7. Attended!!

  8. I attended

  9. I attended!!

  10. I was there as lilaclupine!

  11. I attended!

  12. i attended! ty for hosting!


  13. I attended! Pretty fun as always :3

  14. I attended! Ty!!!

  15. i attended

  16. attended

  17. Thank YOU for Hosting, Snowflake.

  18. I attended

  19. Thanks for hosting!!!! It was a good event with soooo many recruits!!!!

  20. I came, until my my laptop started dying.

  21. i attended

  22. I attended

  23. I attended!

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