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Invasion of Berg – SUCCESS!

Welcome back Helpers!! Today Help Force logged onto Slushy to invade the server Bergpreviously owned by the Templars.

We successfully invaded the server and gained ownership, beating the TemplarsAs usual, the event was perfect! A huge thanks to everyone that came! Continue reading to see amazing photos from the event!

MAX: 60+

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Defense of Big Surf – SUCCESS!

Hey there helpers! Today we logged on CPO and crushed the Templars once again! They tried to gain back the server “Big Surf” from us, but we defended the land that is now ours.

Click continue reading to see some photos of us beating the Trashy Templars once again!

MAX: 50+

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Invasion of Big Surf – SUCCESS!!

Howdy helpers! Today Help Force logged onto Slushy to invade Big Surf from the Templars.

As the Templars didn’t show up for the battle, we gained an automatic victory and successfully invaded the server!! The event went amazingly well with clean tactics and formations and everyone getting hyped up all throughout the event. Keep up the good work guys! <3

Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max: 50+

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Defense of Abominable -> SUCCESS !

Hey there helpers! Yesterday, we successfully defended our alliance server Abominable from the TRASHY TEMPLARS! Abominable is shared with the other armies in the National Armies Alliance; The Royal Family, The Aliens

Crushing them in every single room, and maxing over 60, the event was very successful. Click continue reading to read on and see some amazing photos from the event!

MAX: 60+

Look at Templars, so sad that we’re better 😂

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End of an Era

Howdy Helpers, Yesterday Help Force logged onto ZIPLINE to host a goodbye event for our beloved leader Ayan.

As many of you may know, Ayan was the founder of Help Force and has been leading it ever since. We had a whole week of fun events just for his retirement in which there were throwback events or just a nice fun event for Ayan to host! Sadly, the week came to an end and although Ayan actually retired from leadership a few days ago – This was his official last event in HF This event truly was an Emotional one for many of our members.

To dedicate our last Event with Ayan we included many special tactics just for him! Many of which were suggested by our members. The event went pretty well with most of our members giving their best tactic ideas to make ensure this event was going be an amazing send-off for Ayan.

Here are some pictures that were taken during the event:

Max: 57

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Truth about the Modern Day Armies – Insight

Hey there Helpers , It’s been a Long run for Help Force in the Army Community and many of you have participated , Enjoyed yourself to the Fullest of it. But there’s questions in everyone’s mind always.

We , in this post would be seeing their answers along with some Important Statements from the Help Force Leading Team.

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The Conclusion – HF v LT War

Hey there Helpers , This post is all about the War which started last Tuesday – 16th April 2019 between HF and Light Troops. 

Insights about the War from our point of View and the Common HF Point of View.
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Successful Defense of Zipline

Hey there Helpers , HF yesterday successfully defended Zipline [ Their Capital ] from LT, Pirates and the Coward Templars.

Even Though there was a contradiction coming from the Army League stating we didn’t win , because We Didnt “Follow” the Invaders is just a piece of tomfoolery.

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The Outraging War

Many people must be confused about what exactly is happening in the war situation currently. Here’s a Post telling you Everything you need to know !
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The Help Force Beacon

Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Random Facts
  • Story of the Week
  • Ask Shad
  • Talking with Troops
  • The HF Bunch

Shad’s Office~Welcome to another edition of The Help Force Beacon! Where I, Shad, give you an insight in this beautiful world and bring you the answer of life! Well…not really, but you get my drift. Anyways, in this edition I will not be doing tips this week as I have ran out of tips. So I will do some random facts in its place. Along with that I will be continuing on with my story from last week. Will Virt die? What did Shad see? What happens next? After that we will follow up with the famous “Ask Shad” article and the finish up with Talking with Troops! So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading the intro?! CLICK READ MORE ALREADY JEEZ!

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