The QUICKEST way to get COINS!?

In this post, you will read about the quickest and most profitable way to get coins and you will get you through the journey of analyzing and researching! I know, there is already a post about this, but I get a lot more in depth and do not just refer all the money-making ways. Here is the link of the other post if you want to read it:

Pro Tip: You can just read the summary of every part of the article if you don’t have time reading the whole.

Table of Contents:

  • Predictions
  • Methods to make money
      • Codes
      • Games
      • Digging
  • Conclusion


Before every research, we need to predict the results of it. So, here are some predictions from some HF Members (their exact words…):

jason6331 (me): Digging in the Gold Mine or Aqua Grabber
ElTaco123: Uh. M. Idk…
Diego4204: Codes or Aqua Grabber sksksksk
*watercircle*: For me it’s cart surfer haha. And smoothie smash
eirean50: gold mine and maybe aqua grabber
skeleton lad likes pina colladas: Puffle roundup
Elpiojo123: Find four
Lottie: Either puffle roundup, cart surfer, aqua grabber or mining (normally I go for puffle roundup or aqua grabber though)
jayden91468: I guess maybe surfing but that takes time.
Spotty: Cart surfer If you have all the stamps. Apparently aqua grabber is also good when you have all the stamps.
Chocolover10: dance competition (if you are good), pizza, fishing, cart surfer and surfing, but it is based off skill and opinion.
RorangeCPPS: cart surfer is the best way

Most people think that Aqua Grabber and Cart Surfer are the most profitable games. Will this article prove them wrong? We shall see…

Methods to make money

Let’s start by finding all the ways of making money. I like to categorise them in 3 big categories:

  • One-time use methods: This category includes codes. Codes can only be used once, but give you a lot of money.
  • Multi-time use methods: This category contains mostly games. Games can be used multiple times and they are great when you want to have fun but you’re broke.
  • Unprofitable methods: This category is all about the other random methods. Coins you randomly find lying on the ground (or in the library) or other methods. I won’t get that much into depth for this category mainly because it’s unprofitable!

Of course, for the sake of this article, I am going to categorise them differently so that the research is not that wide:

  • Codes
  • Games
  • Digging

That’s way more specific and easier for me to research. So, let’s start with the first category: The Codes.


With codes you can get coins and items, but can only be used once.

Codes are a really really good way of making money in Club Penguin Online. They can only be used once, but they give you lots. In my opinion, it’s like a money booster because it’s one-time use methods.

According to the Club Penguin Online Wiki there are 26 active codes as of right now. You can see them right here: Each code gives you coins. The least amount you can get is 2,000 coins and the maximum is 5,000 coins!

The question is though: How much can you get from codes? And the answer is (drum roll please) 65,500 coins!!! This is an insane amount of coins!! To get you to understand what this number means, think this: With 63,000 coins you can buy 3,275 pins, 1,091 backgrounds, 675 igloo flooring items, 218 clothing items, 166 furniture items, 43 card-jitsu power cards or 5 igloos. In my opinion, this is BIG!! Buuuuuut money is spent really quickly and, if you are reckless, you can spend them in a day.

Using codes you can really boost up your economy and I would highly suggest using them. It only takes 15 mins maximum and it gives you 65,500 coins, which should be enough for some people to pass the rest of their penguin life.


Games is the most popular money-making method mainly because it’s fun. You can play games multiple times.

Games are a decent way of making money in Club Penguin Online. They can be used multiple times and you can have fun while being paid (I never understood CP’s logic…). There are 27 games in Club Penguin Online, one of which can only be played when Captain Rockhopper’s ship is here, the Treasure Hunt (so 26 accessible at all times).

This part of the article though is a bit complicated. You see, the big problem about analyzing games and how profitable they really are is that there are a lot of games. The other huge problem is that for some it’s really hard to achieve the best strategy. And, of course, things get more complicated because the amount of money is doubled when you have all the stamps in a game.

So what I did to find out how profitable a game is, I first found the best strategy for each game. To achieve that, I just asked some random people from HF and watched some youtube videos. Pretty simple. After that, I practiced A LOT and got every stamp from each game. Then, I just recorded some really good session of me playing, found out how much time it takes and how much money I got and I made a list. You can see the list from here:

All good Mr. Jason, but why don’t you tell the results and stop talking, I hear you say. Here are the results (the full results are in the link above):

  1. Cart Surfer With All the Stamps (14.71 coins/second)
  2. Aqua Grabber With All the Stamps (11.11 coins/second)
  3. Cart Surfer Without All the Stamps (7.35 coins/second)
  4. Catchin’ Waves With All the Stamps (6.87 coins/second)
  5. Aqua Grabber Without All the Stamps (5.55 coins/second)

So the fastest way to get coins is by playing Cart Surfer and following RorangeCPPS’ advice. (which is here: ) In 15 minutes you can get about 13.239 coins.

Of course, you can play whatever game you want. I am here just to inform you about the most profitable games in CPO.

The fastest way to get coins in Club Penguin Online is Cart Surfer. It makes almost 13.239 coins in 15 minutes (which is a crazy amount of coins)


Digging is really popular like games and for many people it is considered as the most profitable way to make coins.

Digging isn’t that good in making money. It can be used multiple times though. It isn’t that stressful and intense as Games and you can do whatever you want while moving your mouse and pressing D (it’s that simple!)

This was easier to measure the speed of profit because there aren’t that many strategies in digging. So, to get straight to the point, digging can give you 3.89 coins per second. This is like most of the games and isn’t that profitable. Although, if you want a not-intense way to make some money digging is your solution.

With 3.89 coins/second, digging isn’t that profitable. However, it is relaxing and you can do other things while digging.


The best way to make money in Club Penguin Online is by playing Cart Surfer. In my opinion though, you may play whatever game you want. If you want a relaxing way to get money, just start digging or play a relaxing game.

I hope this post helped you to see how you can earn coins quickly. 


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