CPO Guide: How to Get Better at Hide and Seek

Hey Helpers! Do you struggle with finding good hiding spots for Help Force Hide and Seek Tournaments? Do the seekers find your hiding spot way too quick?

If this is a common occurrence then, please continue reading! I am going to crack down the different strategies and offers tips to ensure that you can maximize the number of points you earn, and possibly even win!

First off, let’s lay down the rules for Help Force Hide and Seek! 

  • Contestants are in pairs, which are randomly assigned.
  • The Host of the event will announce which pair is going to hide on discord.
  • While the pair is hiding, the other participants must stay in the host’s igloo.
  • When both members of the pair have found a hiding spot, they must send a screenshot of their hiding place to the host, or else their turn will be considered null.
  • Remember to never change your hiding spot!
  • When the timer starts, the Seekers need to find both members in the pair.
  • When you find one of the members of the pair that is hiding, send a screenshot of their location to the host through discord direct message (DM).
  • When both members of the pair are found, the countdown will be stopped.
  • In the end, the pair that has the longest hiding time wins the tournament.

Remember not to hide in the EPF Command Room, Igloos and the Hidden Lake.

This is the most important rule of them all! It is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Hiding Tips:

1. Use CPO Parties to your Advantage 

Most of the time, hide and seek tournaments are hosted when a CPO party is taking place. You should use this to your advantage because it is a new map and players may be unfamiliar with the new locations. Whilst there are new locations and room changes in CPO parties, you should still consider hiding in the original locations on the map. The most frequently checked places in my experience is the Puffle Hotel, Stadium, Puffle Wild, Skatepark, Lodge Attic, Pizza Parlor, and Fire Dojo. I would try to avoid hiding in these locations unless you absolutely can’t find another hiding spot.

How it appears on your screen

How it will appear on other players screens

2. Keep Your Name Tag Hidden

Although this may seem conspicuous, you should always try to keep your name tag hidden as much as possible. The easiest way to achieve this is to stand near the chat bar because that hides your name. Also, since your name tag is black, with the minor exceptions of Admins, Mods and Designers you can try to make it blend in with the surrounding objects that have a similar colour, while still being hidden. When you do this, your name tag will appear white on your screen, but just know that it will appear black for the other players (please refer to the photos below). In my opinion, keeping your name tag hidden is the most difficult factor that you have to account for when finding a hiding spot.

3. Be Mindful of your Surroundings 

The factor of being mindful of your surrounding is essential because when you’re hiding you can be behind or near a movable object in the game such as a spy phone. Also, you should change your outfit according to the place you’re hiding in, always adapt to your surroundings. In Help Force Hide and Seek Tournament, the hider is allowed to change their outfit, with the exception of wearing items that can make you invisible, such as the ninja cloud wave bracers. It is honestly up to you on how creative you can get when changing your outfit to suit a hiding spot. If I am in an area with a lot of snow I would change my penguin colour to white, or if I am in an area with trees I would change my penguin colour to green or brown.

This is what your penguin looks like hidden behind the spy phone.

When you pick up the spy phone, or the person doesn’t have the spy phone at all, this is what will be seen

Seeking Tips :

1. Use your Spy Phone

Using your spy phone is the quickest and most efficient way to travel around the island. If you don’t have one you can obtain it by taking the EPF Spy Test in the Everyday Phoning Facility. Alongside it being a highly effective way of travelling between rooms, it also can help you find additional hiding spots like the one referred to in the third hiding tip. Your map only allows you to be placed in the main areas of the map, whereas the spy phone puts you in specific rooms.

2. Always Hover your Mouse Carefully

Although I know that this is a timed game and you will feel pressured to rush, I advise you not to. You should take your time and hover your mouse carefully over each object in a room because you wouldn’t want to miss somebody’s hiding spot due to you being too fast. There have been many instances where a seeker checks a room multiple times only to realize that the hider was there all along. It’s best to play it safe when seeking because if you have a clear conscience and take your time, you will have a better experience trying to find players.

3. Put Yourself in the Hider’s Shoes

This is a technique that always works for me and that is to think where you would hide if it was your turn. Most players think alike in the instance of hiding spots, so if you just go check the hiding spots that you were considering, you might find a player. For example, if you were going to hide at the skatepark, you might find a player there. If you’re seeking before it is your turn to hide, this provides a good opportunity for you to explore new hiding spots and decide on one final good hiding spot. 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these tips offered some help or inspiration for you to use during Help Force Hide and Seek Tournaments. Until next time. -Skeleton Lad

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