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Spill The Tea – Aaronstone

Welcome to Spill The Tea – a column full of jokes, gossip, and entertainment! This column, hosted by Scorp, features Aaronstone in its eleventh edition.

Aaronstone joined the community… a long time ago. It’s been a while now. And yeah, just like our previous experiment Zamb, he’s still here. Mr. Stoned’s first army was the Ice Warriors, but somehow (cough troopstealing) he joined the Doritos and led it. After Doritos, he joined the Water Vikings, and there were a couple of armies in between, including the legendary UNDERGROUND MAFIAS ARMY, but it was with the Norse-themed army that he achieved his greatest success. Guess the Doritos were just way too chippy for him. He currently holds the title of Muiníneach Viking – the Confident Viking. Every single day he sticks to his principles of being confident in order to be a successful leader.

The based leader returned to WV in July 2021. His return ushered in an era of prosperity for the WV. A few of his greatest achievements are being scared of Max’s Multilogging Exposes 24/7, getting an ice warrior to water his Viking, being beaten up so badly that WV had to make a banner about it, creating a Curry Munching Culture in WV, receiving multiple mutes and bans from Elp, and most importantly, earning the incredibly rare “Ayan’s Secretary” rank in HF.
In all seriousness, Aaronstone is one of the best Water Vikings leaders. He helped the Vikings get their first major tournament win of this era. WV hit #2 under his leadership in June, which was their first top 3 feature since 2016. His confidence is visible through his troops and colleagues, who are never afraid of confrontation. Recently, the Water Vikings and the Help Force formed an alliance, which makes Aaronstone’s prominence in our server even bigger. However, it could also just mean Elp has yet another role to ping Aaronstone with. Enough introduction! Let’s hear from the based leader himself, Mr. Aaronstone.

Hello and welcome to the popular HF column, Spill The Tea! Today we have with us our most based allied leader, Aaronstone, aka the only allied leader who has Ayan’s secretary role! We are very glad that you joined us today Mr. Stoned. Let’s directly move on to the questions!


The crowd is wondering – how did you get your very own movie? I mean, how did you get Ayan to give you the infamous Ayan’s Secretary role?

Well, I got my TV SHOW not movie because I’m just so based everyone needed to hear my story thru 2 seasons on Disney XD. I got the Ayan secretary role because I get Ayan his bowls of curry quicker than anyone else. My timing is impeccable, I think once he rings for it I can bring it to him within .5 seconds

DAMN, that’s very impressive! But I bet you can’t break our resident retired curry muncher 2ic and our resident retired American 2ic JAYDEN AND JOE’s record of bringing Elp his tea at the exact millisecond Elp has the thought of ringing the bell for his tea.

Ayan is better than Elp :ayanishthegreatest:


I totally could break their record btw

We’ll have a contest later. So, when did you first hear about hf, and what was your impression of it back then?

Well I heard of Help Force when I returned to the community I joined their discord and was instantly muted by Elp so it wasn’t that good but now we’re all friends and stuffs going pretty well so

Speaking of first experiences not being good, what led to your decision to ally with HF? Was it me? :smirkheart:

Yes it was you Scorp and Help Forces Curry Cafeteria

there is no cafeteria in HF-


You get a little extra perk when you’re an Ayan Secretary of my status

Expose post coming soon. So, what are your plans for the future of our alliance? :huehue:

World domination, all our enemies will be sent to either the silver mines or the sapphire mines Elps dungeon and the worst offenders will be sent to the BERT dungeon, a fate worse than death

..oh. That’s…. sweet. Too bad we’re planning to betray you and declare war after we kill swat together. Anyways, moving on to the next question, who’s your favourite hf commander?


How dare you equate the God to a measly commander.

I’m sorry. My favorite commander is you Scorp

I’m not a Commander tho :sadcat: Could be, but I’m not

Snowy and Wynn are both cool, I have no favorite

Lame. Can you describe how you feel every single time Elp mutes you?

Like I was just blessed by the leader of the great motherland himself

Your messages beg to differ. This is a column where you spill the tea, spill it.

I really hope this doesn’t get me fucking banned LOL

Yeah LOL, say hi to my friends in the gulag. So, what’s the best army you’ve been in?

Water Vikings

Who’s the best CPA League CEO you’ve known?

Bluesockwa1 and Bluesockwa2

Oh damn, the best. Hmm, what do you like the most about HF?


What’s your favourite food

Ayans Curry

I wanted to ask him more questions, but as soon as he said Ayan’s Curry, three more Aaronstones entered the room (sus) and took him away, presumably to steal yet another meal from Ayan. And then we all wonder why Ayan is a skinny brown boy. The Water Vikings are taking his food! That’s all for today’s edition, see ya in the next one!

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