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How Would You Help is a series of web posts where we ask our Staff members questions about what they would do in various scenarios. In this column edition, we approached Rooboo, Javi, Maya, Alex, Yoda, Choco, and Nervous. We will find out how they would help someone receiving doxxing threats.

Doxxing is defined as publishing private information about an individual on the internet. Club Penguin Armies experienced its fair share of doxxing and many other such malicious practices back in the og era. However, with the spread of online safety awareness and more advanced security features, the number of such incidents has reduced drastically. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the people are safe – it just means that the victims are being cautious. Being cautious is never enough; almost anyone could find themselves targeted by a hacker who has somehow gotten access to their real-life information.

Receiving a doxxing threat isn’t the end of the world. There are various ways to get out of this situation, but today, we will ask our knowledgeable staff members how they would help someone being threatened with doxxing. Let’s delve right into their answers!

How would you help a fellow Helper who is receiving doxxing threats?

Javi: I’d
idk how I’d help :sadcri:

Rooboo: First of all I value and encourage anyone to speak up to a staff member especially the high command when it comes to anything serious. Be it threats, links, traps, or so. How would I respond to that? I’d begin by telling that person who came up to me with the matter to not respond with a single message to any of the messages that are being sent to him or her. I’d then tell them to show me the messages so I can look into the kind of threats or doxxing material that’s being shown. After that, I’ll search the person up in Help Force to check his or her activity, any previous warnings, or so. I’d also search the person complaining to check if they had a previous encounter with that threatener or not. There are levels of warnings depending on the situation. For example, if a person advertised a server we would simply tell them to check the rules and not repeat them. They do it again we start putting more serious consequences. At the same time, we go by common sense. If someone directly did something exaggerating for example kept calling people very bad stuff and cursing at them we would directly mute if it’s a troll. What I’m trying to say is, that we treat every situation with its level of disturbance and affection. If that person is out-of-nowhere sending threats and doxxing stuff that’s a sudden ban. Simply because some people join to cause disturbance right away and that’s not quite normal to do something like that. If you’re new with a simple misunderstanding ok, but threats and doxxing is a sudden ban. I also ask for the DMs to check like did that build up from something before or is that truly out of nowhere. Of course, if that person had a past I’d wanna study the matter first because maybe the person complaining actually has a bad past with this too. In the end, I suggest to any staff member to not only check the DMs, but also check both people in HF history because you really wanna know everything you can know before taking an action. Do not let anyone get to you

Mayathefirst: I would tell the helper to first block the person and to not response back. Then I would recommend changing their discord password and also any social media or anything, in case it happens or they get threatened again. Also to report the user to discord so they can be removed from discord so others don’t get threats also

Racoco: I think first of all, if someone was genuinely threatening a member with doxxing, I’d ban them immediately. I think any kind of threat that goes too far is a reason to not interact with that person anymore, especially if it’s a risk to the security of myself or of members. I’d ask the person being threatened to block them, and to stop talking to them. a warning message for the other members would be helpful, just reminding them to stay safe, to keep their private info safe, and so on.

Nervous: Wow I just woke up, but to put it in a simple way is to ban them. We don’t tolerate those kind of things since it can be dangerous, but typically after I would talk to the person that got threatened and make sure they are okay.. If you are unsure sometimes, talk to a commander.

Choco: At that point is when you delete your discord and find a new hobby

Personally speaking, I found Choco’s answer to be the best solution to this question. However, since this column is about helping people, Mayathefirst takes the win with her answer. Rooboo could’ve won had he been more concise with his response (sorry Rooboo, ily). That’s all for this edition of How Would You Help, tune back in next week for another spicy edition!

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