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How Would You Help – Doxxing

How Would You Help is a series of web posts where we ask our Staff members questions about what they would do in various scenarios. In this column edition, we approached Rooboo, Javi, Maya, Alex, Yoda, Choco, and Nervous. We will find out how they would help someone receiving doxxing threats.

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CP Knowledge: Aunt Arctic

Grab your notepads, because in this week’s post we’re going to talk about Aunt Arctic.

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CP Knowledge: Cadence

We’re back with another CP Knowledge! Time to turn up the music and start dancing because we’re going to talk about Cadence in this post.

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CP Knowledge: How the Director’s Identity Was Revealed

Welcome back to another CP Knowledge post, this time we’ll discover how the director revealed their identity. If you don’t know already, I suggest looking away because there are spoilers ahead.

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CP Knowledge: Gary

Welcome back to another post of CPKnowledge! In this series, we’ll get to know a thing or two about Gary. Who was he, why was he important, and what did he do to help Club Penguin?


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Spill The Tea – Zamb

Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip and entertainment! The eleventh edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Zamb to the spotlight!

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