CP Knowledge: Gary

Welcome back to another post of CPKnowledge! In this series, we’ll get to know a thing or two about Gary. Who was he, why was he important, and what did he do to help Club Penguin?


Gary, often known as Gary the Gadget Guy, was a scientist that worked with the PSA and EPF. He can be seen in the Sports Shop in almost every mission, mostly because that’s where he did his work. He also wore a white lab coat all the time. Now if you haven’t noticed each one of his inventions always has 3000 in the name. The reason being each invention that landed on anything but 3000 never seemed to work. After all, they say three’s a charm or in Gary’s case, 3000’s a charm.

You could catch him at a few parties despite being shy. The first time you could meet him was at the Halloween Party. During this party, you got to do a scavenger hunt, as well as trick or treat. The party room was a Secret lab that only if you had the Rad Scientist costume could go into that room. Another thing that happened during this party was a storm, and sadly it damaged the dojo but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fixed.

His inventions are crucial to the island since, without them, the EPF and PSA agents wouldn’t be able to accomplish their missions. Each time he helps you with a tool he makes, such as the Spy Phone, that will assist you in your mission. Additionally, they wouldn’t have a scientist to study the climate and why it was getting too hot or cold. This is similar to what happened during Operation Blackout when the island was getting too warm.

Gary helped the island by building the Clock tower so we can see what time it is. Oddly enough the Clock Tower doesn’t have a 3000 maybe this was one of many inventions that hadn’t failed on the 3000th time. He also invented the Jetpack and Island Lifter 3000 for the festival of flight party. Another one of his major inventions was the Pizzatron 3000 and without this where would we get our pizzas from? That and the Pizza Parlor wouldn’t exist had it not been for the Pizzatron 3000.

Speaking of the Festival of Flight event you could have seen him at this event too. For this party, Gary’s plan was to fix the pool’s worn-out windows. His plan included lifting the island with the Island Lifter 3000. In the forest, you could take a hot air balloon ride to the tallest mountain. Who said penguins can’t fly? When the pool windows were repaired, the island was lowered back into the water.

I guess that answers those questions. I may not have met Gary, but it is great the EPF, and PSA decided to add him to their team. Without the inventions he made, I don’t think we would have a Pizza Parlor, be able to tell time, or even have Club Penguin. Waddle on Gary hopefully you’re out there inventing great things.

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