CP Knowledge: How the Director’s Identity Was Revealed

Welcome back to another CP Knowledge post, this time we’ll discover how the director revealed their identity. If you don’t know already, I suggest looking away because there are spoilers ahead.

The leader of the EPF is The Director. No one in the agency knows The Director’s true name that isn’t Director. You never really saw The Director outside of the missions. They were kept hidden in the dark, kind of like a loner. Some say Dot the Disguise Gal was The Director after all it does make sense. 

The Director was a penguin that was able to lead a giant agency like the EPF. Others suggested they were Gary in disguise. He did have a lair below the EPF, making even more sense that they could’ve been Gary. However, he was more of an introvert, and he didn’t seem to be the kind of person to work in a team setting. Yes, he was a part of the EPF and PSA, but he wasn’t one to lead, no offense Gary.

Ok, so now that I’ve kept you in suspense long enough let us dive into the real matter. It all began during Operation Blackout. During Operation Blackout you were an agent and things around the island were getting weird. You may be wondering; how weird did things get? Well, the island got colder and colder, and like that the sun was gone. 

You were an agent that had to figure out who was behind all this. Once briefed about the mission was when you knew that Herbert was behind it all. The Director had given the green light to the agents to invade Herbert’s fortress. Unfortunately, The Director was captured by Herbert and was frozen along with the other agents.

Your task was to find the missing agents and free them. To free them, you had to go through numerous security terminals, eventually leading you to the missing agents. Who would have known Herbert kept so many security terminals? Using the anti-lava boots, you could walk to the final terminal and disable the laser, which then self-destructed, releasing all the agents.

Once all the agents had been freed from Herbert, the sun came out, The Director congratulated you, and revealed their identity to be no other than Aunt Arctic. You heard that right, Aunt Arctic turned out to be The Director this whole time. She even appeared in a few missions and was the famous news reporter. How did she manage to do both well, that’s one thing I’ll never understand. Now had it not been for Operation Blackout we’d never known Aunt Arctic was behind everything. May this green penguin who wears a pink toque, glasses, and pink sweater vest waddle on.

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