The Third

Three years ago, today, I joined Help Force!

The Beginning in Brief:


First of all, I’d like to give the biggest shoutout to Flypin1 (Fly or Komal) for recruiting me! It’s actually a pretty fun story…. I was playing CPO (Club Penguin Online) with my real-life friend and we were logging on to meet people and play, laugh, idk… and he knows much how I love Harry Potter and he was in town when I was moving around and he saw that someone was advertising a Harry Potter Igloo so he told me about it and I directly went there without hesitation and I found a huge group of people there wearing wizards and witches and I was so happy about it. I also saw them talking about joining something so, idk how exactly, but Fly and I bumped there into each other and she told me that there’s this Harry Potter Group on Discord and I was like my dreams came true! My childhood game and also a HP group.. I GOTTA JOIN THAT! So she told me to meet Kavacado (Commander at the time and Legend of HF) and as you can see above, this was my first ever message on discord to Kav and she was the person who guided me through it all so I’ll forever be grateful for that!

Fun story: after attending the theme week without even knowing it’s a theme… I once opened discord and saw that everything has changed and as you can also tell in the picture above she asked “a house?” because it was a Harry Potter theme week (best week in HF History :roopolice:). This is what happened:


Can’t show the rest or so because I was so awkward haha! Anyway, after being surprised that it’s not a HP forever-group.. I kept it going and yet here! 3 Years of being consistently active in HF! Aside the 2 months this year shh.

Thank You:

I really wanna have the moment to say “Thank You!” Thank you for giving me a place to feel accompanied at, a place to proudly say is home, a place that I got introduced to so many friends and family at, a place I’ve learned a lotttt in, and more! Thank you for standing by my side and never giving up on me even when I felt otherwise. I’ve seen generations and generations, ups and downs, memories of laughters and tears,… I wouldn’t change a moment from it all because every single one taught me and made me who I am today. I want to also have this moment to tell any reader: don’t give it up because it takes so much to grow and as much as it’s tricky online, it’s strong enough to build you. I felt giving up a lot, but the love I have for the place kept saying you’re not done yet and I really am not! Whenever you feel like you wanna leave, talk to someone and remember that you’re so needed and you evolve and grow in the place no matter what. I apologize for all the mistakes and times I’ve turned people down, I truly am sorry… this is also something I wanted to share. I have great love for everyone and I always say the same because everyone holds a great place in my heart from the simplest of memories to the biggest of them. Keep thriving because there’s a lot to grow with.

“More is yet to come… I briefed it all because I have so much to say that it’s hard to find the words. Much Love!”

Keep Unleashing the Power of Helping

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