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Welcome to Spill The Tea! A column full of jokes, gossip and entertainment! The eleventh edition of this column, hosted by Delitager, brings Zamb to the spotlight!

Zamb has been in Club Penguin Armies since 2013 and he’s still here. Fearlessness defines Zamb. He is so fearless that he does not hesitate to make the worst graphics the world ever saw. Just kidding, he’s the God of Graphic Design. In fact, he designed that dope header that you see on the HF website. He first enrolled in the Rebel Penguin Federation and fought alongside sir pj and elmikey, but then he left for more opportunities on the battlefield. Probably couldn’t cope with RPF’s tough promotion requirements.

In his career, he met with countless commanders such as waterkid100, roberto, pungy, drake and xxtoysoldier who taught him crucial information to protect both himself and what he believes in on the harsh war ridden lands of club penguin. Zamb even worked with the great badboy and made it back alive. He flew out to the invasion of fjord and held his own against several Nacho officers, who’ve tried to have him eradicated multiple times. They weren’t your officers. Get it? Nacho officers.

Zamb came into the CPPS era expecting that the skills he attained would lead him to greatness, only to find out that he was irrelevant. Nevertheless, he bravely fights on. He hosted the one and only graphics tournament that ever occurred in Club Penguin Armies, and even won it himself. He’s also one of the pillars that holds hf up, holding the rank of “Ayan’s Daddy.” You’d think its a custom role, but nah its a rank that the leadership created solely for Zamb. Maybe he’s not that irrelevant.

If you ever meet him on the battlefield, do not try to test Zamb, he will not let you leave unscathed for he is a guerilla in rooms from the town, to the box dimension, to even the ice berg. Yep. He is an iceberg guerrila. He even openly challenged Ayan to a fight, claiming that if Ayan just stepped foot in California, Zamb would fold his scrawny brown ass like an omelet. In his own words, “Live life to the fullest and take the risks (no, not that kind of risks Riley)”.

Hello Zamb, how are you?

Hello, I’m great thanks for asking, wbu?

I’m alright ty. What is the best army you’ve ever been in?

Best army I’ve been in would be Help Force if I haven’t been muted so many times, but nah I gotta give it to the Underground Mafias Army.

Great, Who was the best media person you worked under?

Tough choice but probably the magnificent LuciferStar, the best AtWar player I know

Do you hate armies? If so, what are your reasons?

I don’t necessarily hate armies, I just hate everything about them. Two years ago I took a physics class and failed because I was to busy writing posts, leading and judging. Actually I do hate armies they take up too much time 😭

Relatable, What motivates you to be so nice to new people when most veterans just tell them to f*ck off?

I never thought I was nice tbh but I mean I put people in my own shoes, in 2013 when I was a 9 year old who first joined and was being made fun of. I’ll make fun of people but wouldn’t go out of my way to insult them and ruin the experience (but some deserve it 💔)

When did you start making graphic designs?

I started making graphics in 2014 because I wanted to get promoted in a certain army (Light Troops), which never happened but I’ve been doing it since

What got you into making designs?

At first I wanted to get promoted in an army, but later it was kinda attention seeking. Since I had no other redeeming qualities other than graphics, I kept doing it until I became good

What is the best graphic you’ve ever designed?

Hard choice but either between Water Vikings’ current design or the previous Help Force Christmas header, just the header cuz I got lazy on the rest

Nice, how many times has Ayan forced you to make graphics for him so far?

Hard to put a number on it, just know I’ve lost time, friends, workout gains, and money because of all the times

What is the monstrosity of you asking people to help you in your math?

Like I mentioned with graphics, I’m NOT the best in anything else so if I need help I’ll beg everywhere, whether it be Ayan, Orange, Scorp, or my friends at CPAH/Elites who experienced repetitive pinging on addition problems

What have you learned from cp armies, other than math?

Probably to ignore people instead of trying to help, such as Ayan, who I’ve seriously had to up my game to try ghosting him, and I also learned I hate it here

Lmao, what are your hobbies?

Graphics, unrelated to armies but I’m getting into drawing, working out so I don’t feel too bad abt being on Discord, and reading/cooking

Whats your favourite food?

Favorite food is a hard one, and Snowy will hate the answer but have to say my mom’s chicken curry. Went from hiding my love for it in Kindergarten to openly embracing being a curry muncher

What’s your favourite movie/tv show?

Favorite movie? American Psycho. Favorite TV shows? Can’t chose a singular one, but Breaking Bad and One Piece are up there.

What’s your favourite subject?

Math, jkjk I’d probably say History, nice to learn about how our world came to be

What’s your favourite sport?

Hmmm, probably combat sports like boxing or MMA. I’m not a violent guy but there’s something about violence that’s great to watch lol

Amazing, we can end here, but is there any tea in hf you have that people haven’t heard

Yes I have tea about the creator of Help Force and how much of a simp he is, but I can’t release it or his enforcer (Scorp) will shoot me on sight

I- Wow, we will officially end, is there anything you want to say to the readers

Snowy if you’re reading this go fuck yourself. And give 32 a chance.

Zamb continues to hate armies with a passion. And he also continues to bravely neglect his hate and actively participate in armies. He’s also somewhat active in HF, you might come across him bullying Snowy into giving 32op a chance. He’s truly an amazing person, and despite his occasional odd behavior he’s actually pretty nice if you get to know him!

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