CP Knowledge: Cadence

We’re back with another CP Knowledge! Time to turn up the music and start dancing because we’re going to talk about Cadence in this post.

Cadence known as The Dance Machine is a dancer, DJ, and singer. You can see her wearing green headphones, two wristbands, a yellow and pink scarf, and black and white shoes. She made the game Dance Contest so everyone could be like her and dance cool. She’s like your average teenager, no offense to the teens. Back then, the kids would say that she was hip and cool because she used slang or acronyms.

Her first appearance was the Dance-A-Thon when she made the Dance Contest. She also helped with the planning of The Music Jam. During the first Music Jam, you could meet the Penguin Band. You could play DJ3K with your yellow puffle and make mixtapes for our igloo with the DJ3K. You also got a free Music Jam T-shirt and a pair of maracas; the members could get backstage passes to a party room.

Cadence had hosted a music cruise. During this event you went off to sea on a music themed cruise. She invited The Penguin Band, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, and Cole Plante. They all preformed on the cruise at different nights. You could say, in a way, that it was very well planned, especially for a big event like this.   You could also say she was a leader and hosting music events was her way of showing it.

I hope she is still making music and dancing with Lolz. She was a role model for some, and had a good taste in fashion. Maybe she got a record deal or went to teach her dance moves with others. Either way I hope she’s happy, may she waddle on forever in our hearts.

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