Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[30/05 – 05/06]

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another Weekly Reflection! In those weekly posts, you can check the latest Help Force’s statistics and interesting news! We have been really busy recently, celebrating reaching 10 000 members in the discord server and honouring Pride Month! Give it a read to learn about the details and congratulations to everyone who contributed to our success!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 58 [12↑]
EU: 53 [6↑]
US: 40 [5↑]
Main Event Max: 70 [15↑]

  • At the beginning of the week, our server reached 10 000 Members Milestone! To celebrate it we threw an amazing event and a Practice Battle with Red Ravagers that saw a max of 70 people online! We crossed that number for the first time since the March Madness Tournament! Awesome work everyone!
  • Another big event was the Community Pride Parade! Thank you for organizing, Max, all the armies and Helpers for attending! Happy Pride Month!
  • This week saw the Great De-lice-ious Awards Ceremony hosted by the Elp, the Lice himself! Congratulations to the winners of all the categories!
  • According to Shamrock Bulletin, Help Force took the #1st spot in the Top Ten Armies of May! It wouldn’t have been possible without you, Helpers!
  • Last Branch Battle saw a surprising turn of the tide! Congratulations Team Fire on the first point in your winning streak!

[AUSIA] The Greatest Primal
Max: 56+


Led by Ayan
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[AUSIA] Go Green
Max: 49+


Led by Jayden, Mandal, Scorp, Diwix and Ru
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[US] Operation: Mad Hatters
Max: 40+


Led by Joe and Maya
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[EU] Battle: Magma Knights
Max: 51+


Led by Wynn, Snowy and ROOBOO
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[EU] Battle of Supremacy: Fire & Water
Max: 57+


Led by Joe, ROOBOO, Mayathefirst, AbosoluteTrash, Diwix, and Scorpion Demon
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[AUSIA] Milestone: The 10k Strong Family
Max: 70+


Led by Ayan and Vedant
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[EU] Pride: Unity in Diversity
Max: 52+


Led by Ayan, Nell and Jayden
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