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The Great Adventure

Nothing. I’m too lazy to go on an adventure… however, I can tell you about an interesting story I heard today. It happened to my friend, his Discord name is Ruubuu#9101! I swear he’s real, he even has a Chris Evans pfp. He’s a huge foodie, loves eating chicken and pizzas and absolutely loathes Pina Coladas. *cue song: Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes*. Now that we have established the identity of our hero, let’s move on to the main story, in Ruubuu’s own words!

*whispers to scorp* Okay can we please change the music first? This is kinda a sad part! *cue song: Unsteady by X Ambassadors* 

It all began on a glorious Monday morning. The sun was out, shining warm enough for it to not be cold, and yet it was cool enough for me to be sweating. I checked Discord and my army was still holding the #1 spot in the Top Ten. I could smell the chicken pizza that was cooking for me as breakfast! Yep! It was one of those days when we had chicken pizza for breakfast, you can imagine how glorious the morning was. So of course something had to go wrong.

My mom suddenly came into my room and asked me to go to the bakery to buy some fresh bread loaves. As I embarked on my journey (with a mask on ofc) I suddenly faced my greatest enemy ever. Stairs. You might think “wow that’s a Kung Fu Panda ripoff :sus:“… but I’m actually scared of descending stairs. However, nothing happened today! At least until I finally stepped off the last one onto the ground, and fell straight through the solid ground. Little did I know I had just fallen through a time portal. 

Things went black for a second. And then suddenly I was back in my room. Except it was completely different. The walls were coloured blue and yellow, and there was a huge trophy shelf with two trophies on it. And most importantly, there was a girl sitting in my bed.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” *staring* “THIS IS MY ROOM!” we both screamed at the same time. I was about to yell more when I noticed a digital clock on the bed stand showing the date December 2019. I was shocked. I had jumped 2 years back in time.

After talking it out with the girl, I came to the conclusion that I must’ve fallen through a time portal. She said her name was Ayan, and she had just been playing games on her computer cuz her parents weren’t back yet. I noticed Ayan staring at the screen worriedly.

“What’s wrong?”
“Just found out that my gaming clan is facing a bit of trouble… I might be shutting it down.”
“Oh that’s sad… what’s the name?”
“Help Force”

I gasped as she said the name. It was the name of the club penguin army I was in! I secretly looked at Ayan’s screen and saw the same Discord server I’d been scrolling through today morning. Or… on a morning two years in the future. ugh, confusing.

Excitedly, I told Ayan about it. She glanced at me in excitement as she suddenly saw me in a whole new light. “That’s awesome!” she said, “You can tell me what happens now so I don’t have to worry about what to do!”. Suddenly I felt my heart plummet as I realized I didn’t know anything about HF’s history.

*insert Scorp voiceover: kids, this is why you should read the news the HF bloggers bring to you*

However, when I told Ayan that, she didn’t seem to mind.
“I can still use your help because I’m sure you know a lot about HF.”
“Oh? Like what?”
“Well, for starters… We recently had a huge scandal go down. Our leaders Spotty, Lottie and Tistle had planned a Spanish division, but it blew up in our face instead and we had to shut it down by force. But that didn’t go well too- CPO decided to demote Spotty and this is causing her to retire. As creator, I’ve announced that HF will shut down but Epic is trying to take over the-”

I interrupted her, “Hold up… what is CPO?” Ayan stared at me with a blank expression.
“The CPPS we play on?” she asked, a bit annoyed.
“Isn’t that CPR? CP Rewritten?”

We both stared at each other and then Ayan suddenly jumped up saying “I got it! I got the answer! Thank you so much Ruubuu!” I continued to stare at her, bewildered. “Don’t you get it? We’ve always been on CPO. But you’re from the future and you are on CPR.. it means that we at some point switch to CPR- and this is that point!”

A bit of a history lesson for you- Epic 101 was one of the admins of CP Online, the CPPS HF was created on. When Spotty was demoted from CPO, Ayan announced that HF will be shutting down. This prompted Epic101 to try to wrench the control of HF from Ayan so he could keep it running. He had designed the CPO Army League so he could do such a thing. 

Ayan started planning how to carry out the move. “We should just say we won’t use CPO” I said with a smile. “Don’t be stupid! He’ll just take control anyways. We’ll have to make everything new. A new server, a new website, and do all this without letting him know as well.” Soon, the planning was over and we got to work. With the other HF members (it was truly an honour chatting with them), she designed a new server. A new website was made. But a fresh problem arose.

“How will we invite everyone without alerting Epic…” Ayan asked in a dejected tone. I thought about it for a while, and then had an idea. “What if we use a bot to raid our server member’s dms?” I got the idea from the recent bot raids in the HF server. “That is an awesome plan!” Ayan exclaimed. We got to work on that, and soon the deed was done – everyone had been kicked from the old server, leaving it barren so Epic couldn’t rebuild HF. Meanwhile, the few loyal troops joined the new server, bringing a new start to the army. The soon to be famous HF Exodus had happened. 

I felt elated at having helped my army so much in the past. Okay, here we go with the confusing timelines again. Anyways Ayan and I decided to go order some pizza to celebrate the new freedom. And then as I descended the stairs I once again fell through the apparently solid ground and the next thing I knew I was back home with a packet of fresh factory-made bread loaves in my hand.

Quite a far-fetched story eh? Well, all you gotta do to confirm if this is true or not is DM Ayan to find out! Or just DM Ruubuu#9101 and talk to him yourself. Until then, cyaa!

7 Responses

  1. Ayan is a girl. It’s true, he even has the really long hair

  2. Ahh I remember this time all too well… Still sad some of the members didnt go with the move…*cough* creeperlord *cough*

  3. Ayan was kinda pretty hehehe

  4. Well we always worried about Ayan being a girl haha… Love this post!! ^_^

  5. Interesting.

  6. :E55555: so cool!

  7. How did you know this. Who let the secret out.

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