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Hey Helpers, welcome to CPA Today! CPA Today, brings you news from all across the CPA Community, with the latest ongoings in all the armies!

Army of Club Penguin – ACP

ACP had multiple rogue events this week, such as a camera event, an ice cream event and a PZF remembrance event. they also had a practise battle against their allies WV in which they maxed 52. their placing in the top ten this week was a shock – 2nd with an overall score of [83.95], being overtaken by HF. they also had a battle preparation event which involved quick tactics and a follow the lead mini game.

Blue Ravagers – BR

Blue Ravagers again hosted only one event that saw a max of 6 penguins online. With that they finished the week on the 15th place Top Ten rankings, two spots lower than previously.

Cries Cult – CC

 Tea was promoted to leader, congrats! other than that, there was no other updates within Cries Cult

Crimson Guardians – CG

The Crimsons were one of the armies that shut down their doors this week with an event that brought them a max of more than 20!

Help Force – HF

Help Force this week, surpassed the Top 3 armies, and claimed the podium spot in the Top Ten. With 11 events, this busy week consisted of a Victory March in the first phase of their Silver Rush war, as well as astonishing maxes in all of their events. Additionally, HF saw a few promotions! 2 New 3ic’s and 1 4ic! As well as a few fun events, to let people have some fun among the war hype.

Ice Warriors – IW

IW kicked off an eventful week with a practice battle against SWAT on Tuesday, maxing 42 troops, setting the peak for the week. The following day, they held a practice battle against PIC, in which they maxed 35 troops. Two events were held on Friday, an AUSIA training event, and a U-Lead event. The week closed with a practice battle against WV on Saturday and two events on Sunday.

Pizza Federation – PZF

Pizza Federation had closed their doors this week as well with one event getting them 35.

Peoples Imperial Confederation – PIC

PIC had a practice battle against their allies IW, maxing a good 15. They also had a division battle between their Bears and Tigers divisions, and topped off the week with a PB against ACP, maxing 11 penguins.

Rebel Penguin Federation – RPF

RPF had a total of 8 events this week, including fun events with aprons and froggy hats. Their highest max this week was an impressive 54 troops during an EU event.

Red Ravagers – RR

Red Ravagers had a busy week with a total of 5 events, 2 of which were battles in their war against Silver Empire. SE is still trying to avoid meeting its opponents on the battlefield but it doesn’t stop RR on their way. After answering SE accusation in two new posts, they went to battle that saw a max of 26 penguins online. Ravvys’ hard work gave them 7th place in Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten ranking, climbing up by three spots. Good Job Ravvys!

Silver Empire – SE

SE had five events this week, including a training session and four fun game contests. This week their highest max was an amazing 34. They went up +1 on the TT, keeping their #6 spot once again.

Special Weapons and Tactics – SWAT

SWAT organized 4 events this week, reaching the highest max of 30 agents online at igloo raids. They finished 10th in ACP’s Top Ten, one place lower than at the previous week.

Templars CP – TCP

This week Templars celebrated reaching 3k members on their discord server. They also held a total of 4 events, finishing 8th in ACP’s Top Ten Armies. Their highest max was recorded at the victory celebration event celebrating the victory over Water Vikings and peaked 32 troops online. but despite their efforts, TCP finished 8th in the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten, one spot lower than last time.

Water Vikings – WV

WV started their week with an Ausia event which maxed 19 troops furthermore they had 2 practice battles against ACP and IW in which maxed they 22 in both the battles.They even had an icecream takeover :icecream: which maxed a huge 26 troops along with wich they had a puffle warriors reunion event which maxed 23. Lastly they had an Operation Federation in which they wore red instead of their usual blue, they maxed 21 troops in this event.

Thank you for tuning in to CPA Today! We hope to see you again very soon with lots more exciting news from the forefront of CPArmies. Until then!

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