Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[04/04 – 10/04]

Hello everyone and welcome to another Weekly Reflection! Here you will find some interesting army statistics, trivia and information about the activities we host. Last week was filled with Operations, Battles and a lot of fun! We were consistently maxing above 40, even almost 50! We also organized multiple Blue Squadron Sessions and the first Batch of Cadets is due to finish their special training in a week! Good job everyone and hopefully we can achieve even more in the future!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 49 [7↑]
EU: 44 [4↑]
INT: 40 [8↓]
Main Event Max: 49 [11↑]

  • Help Force has two new Advisors! Moon and Planet stepped down from staff positions but are going to stay and continue supporting us! Thank you for your service!
  • This week the first batch of Blue Squadron started its training! Make sure to enroll in a week for the second batch and become elite Help Force troops ready for every challenge!
  • On Friday we took part in the Color Wars organized by ACP! It was an old-style battle against Army of Club Penguin, Water Vikings and Silver Empire! Thank you everyone for this experience! It truly amazing and something to remember!
  • We are always looking for new bloggers! Message Jayden#2004 if you are interested in taking up the job!

[INT] Operation: Smith Takeover
Max: 40+


Led by ROOBOO, Amy, Snowy, Slush
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[EU] Operation: Ribbit
Max: 40+


Led by Barnito and Ayan
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[EU] Practice Battle vs SWAT
Max: 42+


Led by Ayan, Barnito and Joe
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[EU] The Color Wars
Max: 49+


Led by Barnito and Ayan
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[AUSIA] Mops Unleashed
Max: 49+


Led by Aoao, Swager, Amy and Barnito
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