Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[28/03 – 03/04]

Hi Helpers! Welcome to the new Weekly Reflection where you can find some interesting news and statistics about the passing week. INT events went very successfully and the long-awaited Branch Battles are back! Thank you everyone for the amazing work and let’s keep improving in the near future!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 42 [-]
EU: 40 [19↓]
INT: 48 [24↑]
Main Event Max: 38 [12↓]

  • Divisions Battles are back after the tournament break! This week’s victory belongs to Team Water! Congratulations! Will they maintain the winning streak or will Team Fire beat them next time? Don’t forget to support your division at the next battle!
  • Everyone had a lot of fun while celebrating April Fools’ Day! For one day whole staff and some Helpers became possums! Fear the passel!
  • The practice battle with Water Vikings sadly ended faster than we expected due to CPR servers going down.
  • Helpers, stay tuned for the introduction of an amazing new program for everyone to participate in! Eyes on the server’s news because this is going to be huge!

[AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Heist
Max: 53+


Led by Nell, Slush and Ru
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[AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Bugged Bunnies
Max: 43+


Led by Amy, Ao, Wynn, Barnito and Ayan
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[EU] Practice Battle vs Water Vikings
Max: 38+


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[AUSIA] Caffeine Overpowered
Max: 42+


Led by Chloe and Barnito
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[EU] Branch Battle: Team Water vs Team Fire
Max: 41+


Ledy by Joe, Jayden, Lydia, Mandal, Maya, Diwix, Wynn, Chloe and ROOBOO
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