[AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Bugged Bunnies

Hi, hi Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a [AUSIA/EU INT] Operation: Bugged Bunnies! The event went really good and we all had a lot of fun wearing a costume of creepy bunny! Amy, Ao, Wynn, Barnito and Ayan led a great deal of amazing tactics in Stadium, Iceberg, Docks, Inside Mine and Forest! Hope you came to sit beside us and made some good memories! See you next time!

Max: 43+

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  1. […] the middle of the week we organized even more creative and fun events! Today we had the [AUSIA/EU INT] OPERATION: BUGGED BUNNIES led by Amy, AO, Wynn, Barnito, and Ayan and a max of 43+! It was a good day filled with […]

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