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Hello Helpers! today we logged onto CPC2 for this really fun event! we did some amazing formations and tactics lead by Maya, Rooboo, Chickn, and Wynn  the rooms were Iceberg, Underground  Pool, Cove, Beach, Town and Stage! Great job today helpers!

MAX: 25+

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Hello Helpers, and Happy New Year!

We logged on to Club Penguin Chapter 2 today to our first event for this year! We tested the game while doing formations and tactics and waddling through the Ice Rink, Snow Forts, Ice Berg, and Dojo! This event was led by Riley, Nelly, and Wynn.

Thank you all for attending and see you next time!


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[INT] Stamp Crusade

Heyooo Helpers!!

Today we logged into CPRewritten for an Internation Stamp Crusade!!! This was one of our best stamp events in a while with everyone having tons of fun and getting super involved!!
We were able to collect all different types of stamps such as the snow fight, pizza chef, GO Colours! and even the rare construction stamp!! We were led by the awesome Kara/Riley!

MAX 62+

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[INT] Christmas Tree Party

Hello, everyone! We logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten today with our Christmas Tree outfits 🎄 This event was led by Kara, Monika, Rooboo and Wynn and we had fun. Thank you for attending, guys!

Max: 52+

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[INT] Stamp Expedition

Hey, hey Helpers! Today we logged into Club Penguin Rewritten for a huge Stamp Expedition! Led by Planet and Rooboo, the event went marvelously! We got a huge amount of group stamps at the Pizza Parlor, Nightclub, Coffee Shop, Iceberg and Lighthouse along with doing some tactics! Amazing job everybody!!!

MAX: 59+

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[INT] Soccer Ball Takeover

Heyyyyy amazing friendssssss! Today we logged onto CPR for the great Soccer Ball Takeover! We waddled through the island and had so much fun.. From the Town to the Stadium to the Snowforts! Led by Kara, Nelly, RU, ROOBOO, and Joe, we had a really amazing time and we played soccer.!

Max: 45+

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[INT] Stupendous Stamping Session

Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Clubpenguin Rewritten for some stamps! The event was lead by Kara/Riley! We got a ton of stamps at the Stadium, Nightclub, Iceberg, Coffee shop and Pizza Parlor, and did some some great tactics and formations! Great job today Helpers!

Max: 54+ 

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[INT] Coffee Takeover

Hey Helpers!! Today we logged onto CPR for this super fun event! we did some amazing tactics and Formations Lead by Monika, Ru, RooBoo, Janez, Kara\Riley and Maya! the rooms were Town, Coffee Shop, and Docks! Amazing Job today helpers!

MAX 52+

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[INT] Firefighter Takeover

Heyyyyy amazing friendssssss! Today we logged onto CPR for the great Firefighter Takeover! We waddled through the TownSnow Forts, and Stadium! Led by Joe, Maya, ROOBOO, and Riley/Kara we had a really amazing time and it was super creative with formations and tactics!

Max: 40+

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Hey Helpers! Today we logged on to Clubpenguin Rewritten for this fun stamp collecting event! We did some great tactics and formations and got stamps in the Stadium, Snowfort, Pool, Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop and Night Club! This event was lead by Joe, Rooboo and Maya! Great job today Helpers!

Max: 45+

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