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Hey Helpers, welcome to CPA Today! We bring to you the hottest news about every army of the community, hand curated by our special team!

Help Force – HF

HF showed off their power with yet another amazing week. With a size average of 50+ and the #1 rank on the Top Ten Armies list, it’s starting to look like a Blue Force Summer. The week started off with 51 penguins braving the fierce mountains to join our Stamp Expedition. However, the main highlight of the week would be maxing 60 in the Defense of Zipline against our historic enemies Templars. Also, who can forget the 2 hour long Igloo Raids! Moreover, we also announced the nominations for the HF De-Lice-Ious Awards 2021! HF certainly had fun this week.

Script Kiddies – Skids

The hottest news of this week is the spectacular entry that the Script Kiddies made into our community this week! They placed 6th on CPAHQ’s Top Ten, with an astounding size average of 24. The Skids hosted a total of 8 events in their first week, and overall shocked everyone with their strong debut!

Army of Club Penguin – ACP

Our allies ACP enjoyed a very eventful week. A huge congratulations to Max, who received a promotion to Leader In Training early in the week. The Clovers held multiple events, maxing 40+ on an average and placing 4th on CPAHQ’s Top Ten with 75.3 points. Moreover, they signed a ceasefire treaty with the Doritos, thus successfully ending their war.

Doritos – DCP

The Doritos had 4 heated battles with ACP this week as a part of the war between these two armies. However, the war ended recently as both armies signed a ceasefire agreement. The army maxed a maximum of 40 in the Invasion Of Mammoth, and a minimum of 16 in the AUSIA Invasion of Brumby. They placed 7th on the CPAHQ Top Ten as well!

Ice Warriors – IW

IW had a very good improvement this week and hosted six events, including one practice battle with SWAT. Their highest max was for their “EU/US Hide and Seek”, attaining 66+ penguins online. They also conducted an story writing contest which is leading on to their anniversary. This week they achieved #2 in the TT provided by the Shamrock Bulletin, retaining their position from the previous week.

Rebel Penguin Federation – RPF

RPF began the week on Tuesday with a pizza themed event, followed by an undercover operation. They hosted 3 events between Wednesday and Thursday: Operation: Sky High, Operation: Under the Sea, and Operation: Throwback Thursday. Friday consisted of a prehistoric themed event, and they closed out their week with Operation: Out of This World and Operation: Flag Finders on Saturday. Their highest max of the week was 50 troops and they reached 3rd on CPAHQ’s Top Ten.

Blue Ravagers Inc – BRI

BRI went brrrr this week. We hope to see the Small/Medium Army host more of their colorful events next week.

Red Ravagers – RR

RR worked really hard this week, organizing a total amount of seven events, four of them being practice battles against Help Force (two times), Golden Troops and Ice Warriors. Ravvys achieved the highest max of 12 people in game at their [US] Throwback Event. Unfortunately their efforts didn’t secure them a place in the Top Ten list. RR finished their week at the 14th position, dropping by one spot. The army also saw further changes in the high command with three new staff members joining the team! Congratulations Jugdish, Bakooks and BoMoBuddy.

Fire Warriors – FW

FW hosted 2 events this week. Sadly, their leader Conor retired this week – however, the return of Simmonds brought back some joy to the army. Their highest max was for the event “Operation : Capture The Flag” with16+ penguins online. This week they achieved #13 in the Top Ten.

People’s Imperial Confederation – PIC

PIC hosted a total of 5 events this week. They started off with birthday party events for two of their members, followed by a capture the flag game with SE, Operation: Kite Flight, and a practice battle against the Magma Clan. PIC kept their #12 position on the TT this week.

Silver Empire

SE kicked off the week with a treasure hunt event, followed throughout the week by hide-and-seek, CP game tournaments, and a practice battle against their allies Water Vikings. SE totaled seven events this week, their highest max being 25 penguins online. They moved up to #6 on the TT this week, congrats!

Water Vikings – WV

Water Vikings had a lot of fun events this week starting with a Fashion Show maxing 33. They had 2 battles against Fire Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation respectively maxing 23 and 15. Their highest max was 33 and their ranking in the top ten leaderboard of CPAHQ and Shamrock Bulletin was #8.

Templars – TCP

Tempars had another busy week full of battling. The army is not only at war with Magma Clan but also making sure the relations with other armies are good. They held a total amount of four events, two battles against their enemies and two practice ones with Help Force, SWAT and Ice Warriors. The higher max TCP saw this week was 30 penguins online but despite their hard work, the army finished 9th in the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten, dropping by four spots.

Special Weapons And Tactics – SWAT

SWAT hosted four events this week, three of them being war training events. Their highest max was 26 events. The last event was a practice battle with their allies, Ice Warriors. SWAT finished the week at the 10th place in the Top Ten Ranking, one position lower than the previous week.

Cries Cult – CC

Cries Cult Cried.

Thank you for tuning in to CPA Today! We hope to see you again very soon with lots more exciting news from the forefront of CPArmies. Until then!

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