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Hey guys! Welcome to HF’s newest column: Know Your Ally! A series to learn and know more about our wonderful allies! Starting off, we’re interviewing our brother ally, ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN [ACP]

The Army of Club Penguin was created by Oagalthorp on 29th September 2006, and is one of the oldest and largest armies. It was created for the purpose of defending Club Penguin during a fictional war between Big Balla and Vital Viper. They had a lot of succeeding generations and went on to become one of the biggest armies ever. Sadly, when Club Penguin shut down, ACP decided to end their era on 29th March 2017, after almost 11 years.

It was an unhappy ending to the army until 29th September 2019, on their thirteenth anniversary, ACP reopened under the CP Army League having their first return event on Sleet and having a max of 16+. The Army was revived under Chainpro with the blessing of Mcchappy. From here, it was just an open invitation to strong rising sizes which made them win their first war against RFCP.

Story of HF and ACP:

ACP and HF became allies after Helpers Exodus which happened in December 2019 and had many practice battles giving higher maxes in their events. But on 27th April, RPF declared war on the ACP and was the start of World War Rewritten. The war went on until it ended with a ceasefire between the RPF and ACP. ACP ended the conflict with PIC and HF and declared independence.

It’s no fun if there are no disputes between brothers… Is it? 😉

One of the most memorable times is when Help Force and ACP again became allies after the Aces of AUSIA Tournament, reminiscing old times. Moreover, Help Force won 3-0 against ACP in the final battle round of the AoA tournament, breaking the max record again! Since then, it has been fun and joyous working together.

Know Their Leaders:

Currently, ACP is lead by CSY (Commander in Chief) who is supported along with Max and Cubster (Leader in Training) as well as Kailey and Robot (Field Marshals). ACP under their command has been growing every day, becoming one of the major armies to have stronger AUSIA and confident EU and US timezones.

But instead of me telling you more about them.. why don’t we knock on the doors of our neighbours themselves and get to know them!

Ru: Hey CSY, the journey so far has been fantastic. Could you tell me more about yourself and how long did it take you to get where you are right now?

CSY: Hey Ru, thanks for interviewing me. If you’re asking about my army history, well, that really dates back to sometime in 2014. I was a regular on xat Graphics and a friend of mine told me to branch off to CP graphics – I joined WV via him, and have had stints as AUSIA leaders in WV, DCP and ACP. For this generation, I returned to ACP in November 26th 2019 to lead AUSIA, and was promoted to leader following Kolo’s departure on Jan 27th 2020. The rest is history, some still in the making :slight_smile:

Ru: Wow this is so impressive. You have come a long way and yes obviously there are so much more memories to make!! :smile:
Following this, what inspires you to be you every day? Do you have any motto for life?

CSY: I don’t have a huge life motto or anything, but if I had to choose a favorite quote to live by, it would be “Kites fly against the wind, not with it”. We only get better by facing challenges and pushing ourselves to accomplish greater things, and I want to be constantly challenging myself whether its with college, gaming or other hobbies.

Ru: What if you had the chance, what’s the one thing you would change about yourself?

CSYProbably to become more social and outgoing – especially when talking to new people. I really do admire those that can just go up to someone new and start talking with no hesitation.

Ru: I feel you but introverts have their own magic! As this is near the end… Is there anything else that interests you other than armies? Do you have any hobbies which you would like to tell us?

CSY: One of my biggest hobbies outside of CPA is solving Rubik’s cubes and other twisty puzzles. My wallet is emptying and my collection is growing :rofl: – I always enjoy the challenge of a new puzzle and the thrill when you figure out how to solve it.

Haha, Brainteasers… Love them!! Well, the main pillar can not function without the supporting pillars. So let’s move onto them as we have already sneaked into this house😄
Ru: Hey guys… Beginning here, Could you tell me more about yourself and how long did it take you to get where you are right now? :relaxed:
Max: Hello! I’m Max :wave: – an Army of CP Field Marshal/second-in-command. I first joined the army community way back in 2010, enlisting in the Pirates, before moving on through many different armies throughout the ‘OG’ community era. Most notably I enjoyed a stint as a Nachos third-in-command/UK Leader and in the leadership of the Pirates, where I was inducted as a legend, but served across many positions in a variety of armies. After some years away, I returned to the community in November 2019 and enlisted as a Private in the Army of CP. One thing led to another, and I managed to earn a promotion to Field Marshal on February 11th, 2020. This is the position I have held since! I have also been involved with the army community media organisations throughout the years, including the Vice President position for the CP Army Central way back, and Executive Producer for both CP Army Media and CP Army Hub more recently.
Cubster: Hi Ru! I’m a Second in Command, the rank before leader in the Army of Club Penguin. It took me a couple months of hard work to get to where I am. But i must say, I ranked up faster than the others :acpscream:
Kailey: Hi, I’m Kailey. I joined the Army of Club Penguin on Dec 11th, 2019. A month after joining, I was able to climb up the ranks and become a Moderator. After a few months, I was able to earn myself a spot in the higher command as 3ic. I am currently Field Marshal which took me a year to get to where I’m at.
Robot: Hello, I am Robot a current ACP Field Marshal. I am very cool and I love ACP. I’ve been around armies for almost 6 years, majority of my time was spent in RPF but i’ve spent over a year as part of the ACP HCOM now.
Ru: Haha yes I have heard the stories :relaxed: And so far, I am sure everyone admires your work! Coming to that then… What inspires you to be you every day? Do you have any motto for life?
Max: That’s a really great question! I think everyone has their good and bad days in life, both in and out of the army community, but keeping yourself grounded with the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact and being the best version of yourself really helps. What inspires me in this community is the hard work of the people around me, be that in the community as a whole, the ACP, or in media organisations I’ve worked in. One of my favourite quotes is “When you’re going through hell, keep going”, and I think it speaks volumes on how we must all keep pushing through our difficult times so we can arrive once more at the better ones.
Cubster: Ah, quite a few actually. Everyday i look at the people around me, hard workers, they contribute so much to the army and the community. It motivates me to work even harder. There are a couple of positive things i take from the people around me and incorporate them to how i do things. A life motto i abide by is “Put your mind and energy into it and you can achieve many great things”. 
Kailey: Well a lot of friendships have been made during my time in ACP and I truly do appreciate everyone since we always do our best to inspire one another and help each other to be better. I don’t really have a moto in life but I guess we should all always try and push ourselves to be better and enjoy what we do. In the end, keep clowning and having fun :ACPheart:
Robot: I take everyday as it comes, i love life and everyday is beautiful. I guess yolo really lol!

Life is a rollercoaster and always has been the same ride for ACP. Now, let me get out of this house and go back to my home xD

So I hope this enlighted you on one of our allies! Let’s all send some clovers 🍀 their way which stand for faith, hope, love, and luck. ACP, we wish you more success and would like to thank you for being a part of our Help Force family! 💙

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