Heyya Helpers, if you heard that we were attacked on CPAB – Icebreaker by Army of Club Penguin impersonated as Monsters to scare us during our slumber party, you heard it right. Imagine you had a long slavery day working at the mines and you lie your back on a nice warm bed and suddenly get attacked. But not to worry because our commander Wynn came to the rescue and scared them off.

Do you think our allies got possessed? Or was it because today is Friday the 13th?

Comment below if you got attacked and what do you think about it?!

MAX: 20+

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Hello Lovely Helpers! Today we logged on Ascent of Club Penguin Rewritten for a Practice Battle with our Brother Allies Army of Club penguin. We did some amazing tactics and formations in the Night Club, Stage and Ice rink led by RU, Snow and Phoenix! Then it was followed by a Club Penguin Trivia led by both armies Staff! Thank you all for attending 😀 Hope to see you in the next one

MAX: 18+

Comment below if you attended!


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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a friendly battle against our Brother Allies ACP in which we did some stunning tactics, forms, and speedy movements in the Stadium and Inside Mine, led by Maya and Rooboo. Followed by a fun round of Trivia, Hide n’ Seek and Skribbl to end the brawl.  Thank you all for attending and thanks to ACP for another great fight!

Max: 31+

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Know Your Ally – Army of CP

Hey guys! Welcome to HF’s newest column: Know Your Ally! A series to learn and know more about our wonderful allies! Starting off, we’re interviewing our brother ally, ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN [ACP]
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