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Hey Helpers, welcome to CPA Today! CPA Today, brings you news from all across the CPA Community, with the latest ongoings in all the armies!

Army of Club Penguin – ACP

ACP has had a very eventful week, since the return of DCP, they decided to declare war on them. their first battle was on the 15th, and they successfully raided DCP’s event, the war now stands at 1-0 to ACP. This week, ACP placed 3rd on the top ten rankings with a score of [71.94].

Blue Ravagers – BR

BR had only one event this week, an AUSIA Event called the Rainbow Ravagers, which saw the army max 7 troops. They secured themselves the 15th spot in the Shamrock Bulletin’s Top Ten, one place up compared to last week.

Doritos of CP – DCP

DCP started their week with a fun Mop-Gang Event which maxed around 33 troops. Next, they had a Red-Flag Expedition where they climbed the huge mountain in CPR which got them a max of 20. They finally ended their week with a Practice Battle against SWAT which got them to max 30 troops. This week they attained 7th in the Shamrock Bulletin’s Top Ten, the same as last week. Other than this, the week also saw ACP declaring war against them.

Fire Warriors – FW

FW hosted 3 events this week, and all the events abiding by their Harry Potter themed week. Their highest max was for the event ” EU Operation: Come Along Beauxbatons” attaining 18+ penguins online. This week they achieved #11 in the TT provided by the Shamrock Bulletin, Securing the same position from the previous week.

Help Force – HF

HF, continuing its high attendance for the 3rd week, brought themselves back up to 1st place on the Top Ten with RPF close behind. With AUSIA events reaching as high as 62 and EU events at a stable 45+, the army hosted more fun events along with a Mountain Expedition, giving tasks to its members for hiking to the top of the mountain. Apart form events, HF saw the welcoming of its own Podcast, the Zipline Radio.

Ice Warriors – IW

IW hosted six events this week, including one practice battle with WV and one Divisional practice battle along with RPF. Their highest max was for their “AUSIA: Mining Event” attaining 51+ penguins online. They also had a divisional battle with the theme of cops and robbers along with a civil war where the staffs were split into three groups. This week they achieved #4 in the TT provided by the Shamrock Bulletin, Securing the same position from the previous week.

Peoples Imperial Confederation – PIC

PIC started off the week with a birthday bash event for JackTheBird, followed by a KFC event, a mountain climbing expedition, and finally a PB with their allies the Golden Troops. PIC’s highest max this week was 20 penguins online, and they kept their #12 position on the TT this week.

Rebel Penguin Federation – RPF

RPF had a total of 4 AUSIA events this week followed by 7 EU and US events. Their highest max of the week was 57. They got ranked #2 in the Shamrock Bulletin this week having a drop of a point.

Red Ravagers – RR

RR hosted 3 events this week hitting 12 penguins online as their highest max. Unfortunately, Ravvys didn’t make it to the Top Ten, finishing in 13th place and dropping by 3 spots. RR also saw another change in their ranks as Bailey was promoted to Red Commander! Congratulations and good luck!

Silver Empire – SE

SE had a total of 5 events this week, including a fun capture-the-flag game with WV, a dance contest tournament, and a Puffle Roundup contest. This week their highest max was 26 silver soldiers. SE dropped down to #8 on the TT this week, provided by the Shamrock Bulletin.

Special Weapons and Tactics – SWAT

This week SWAT focused on battle training and they finished it with a practice battle against the Doritos that saw a max of 35 penguins online, their weekly record. Agents hosted a total amount of 4 events and their efforts again brought them 9th place in ACP’s Top Ten Ranking.

Templars CP – TCP

TCP put all of their efforts into the battles, having 5 of them in total, each time with a different army. They achieved the highest max of 30 penguins online repeatedly throughout the week. TCP also entered another war, this time against the Magma Clan. Templars’ hard work secured for them the 5th spot in the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten, making a jump by 3 places.

Water Vikings – WV

WV had a total of 7 events this week with their highest max being a total of 33 troops online. Their ranking in the Shamrock bulletin was #6 with no increase in their points.

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