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Weekly Reflection

Week in Review

[18/04 – 24/04]

Hi Helpers, welcome to the another Weekly Reflection! In the series we cover some of the basic information, statistics and trivia of the Help Force. With war going on, we are all working hard on recruiting, training and battling! Let’s keep achieving new heights!


Max Averages

AUSIA: 41 [8]
EU: 36 [7]
Main Event Max: 47 [6↑]

  • Help Force declares war on Silver Empire! After over a year of peace we are now more than eager to fight for justice!
  • One of our most important events of the week was again a one hosted by the Army of Club Penguin, Spring Showdown! Thank you for the invite and amazing fun!
  • The army saw some changes in the staff team! Congratulations Joe on the promotion to Second in Command, Wynn and ROOBOO on Admiral, Diwix on Marshal and Lydi and Mandal on general!
  • Blue Squadron Training is going amazing yet sadly Silver Empire was too scared to meet us at the battlefield.

[AUSIA] Unscheduled Event
Max: 35+


Led by Barnito and Jayden
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[AUSIA/EU] Operation: Enhance!
Max: 43+


Led by Amy, Wynn, Rooboo and Nell
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[AUSIA/EU] Team Fire VS Team Water
Max: 36+


Led by Snowy, Joe, Wynn, Maya, Amy, ROOBOO, Lyd, Jayden and Nelly
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[AUSIA] Operation: Retribution
Max: 47+


Led by Nell
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

[EU] Spring Showdown
Max: 36+


Led by Joe, Jayden and Wynn
Click Here To Check The Event Post!

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