Rainbow’s Catalog Guide – March 2021

Hey there Helpers! I have been summoned once again to update the secrets of this month’s catalog guide! Let’s dive right in the Noir Theme!

Starting on the sixth and seventh pages, we have 7 hidden clothing! We have the Pearl Necklace, Blue Froggy Hat, Fuzzy Boots, The Sass, Red Suede Jacket, the Whistle and The Yellow Sandals!

Onto the next pages, we have the Casual Suit Jacket, Yellow Froggy Hat, Blue Striped Raincoat, Flannel Shirt, Lacy Shorts Outfit!

Lastly, we have the Silver Watch, The Sunstriker, Red Froggy Hat, Brown Flip Flops, Purple Froggy Hat, Dark Brown Fuzzy Boots.

(All items located are from your left to right)

That’s all we have for this month of March! See you at the next catalog, for now, Unleash the Power of Helping!

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