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Hi, what’s popping, Helpers? The time has come for a new edition of Faces of The Force! In this series we talk to the most committed members of HF and try to learn something new about their army career and personal life! Every active Helper as a chance to be featured! Let’s dive into todays interview with our newest star, the extremely kind and hardworking… Yoda!

Yoda joined us not so long ago but it feels like forever! He already reached Commodore rank but is still working hard attending events, segments and even hosting! What’s more, Yoda is also active in the chat and it’s not hard to meet him at EU hours! We are sure you recognize him but do you actually know him? What are his hobbies and plans? Let’s find out!

Wynn: Hi Yoda, thank you so much for meeting me, I was meaning to interview you for so long! How did you like the recent event?

Yoda: Hi Wynn :smiley: No problem! :flower2: Yea event was great we caught SE’s soldiers (Silver Empire) at least a lot of, how are you Wynn?

Wynn: I’m quite well, thank you for asking! I want to start the interview with a question how and when did you join Help Force?

Yoda: Oh my, well I was in RPF at the beginning then one day at CPR I met Diwix at mine and invited me to HF and I joined as a visitor. Then I met with red we were getting along well I looked HF’s chat was very good and it was a place where he spoke more so I joined! :vibing:

Wynn: And I’m happy to see how active you became! You are really working hard recently. Is that having anything to do with your plans for HF career?

Yoda: Yea I have plans I wanna be a junior staff and maybe a general!:HFsalute: :PanDuck: :luv:

Wynn: OMG good luck with that! Hard work always pays off! Anything else you want to contribute or achieve? Maybe you have a talent for blogging or want to get GoTW? Remember that staff can’t compete for it! 😛

Yoda: Maybe a youtuber for HF or GOTW but I don’t have much time for GOTW sometimes I can’t attend event because I need study for exams :sip: But I can try on summer! :catluv:

Wynn: Summer is a great choice and the competition is tight! I see you want to stay in here for quite a long time. Can you tell me what attracts you to Help Force?

Yoda: My friends and nice people!:luv:

Wynn: Hahaha, everyone says it’s the community! What are your best memories with your friends?

Yoda: Probably vc talk movie nights and vc parties!:partyparrot:I have not much memories with my HF friends because I joined as a Helper like 2 or 3 month ago.

Wynn: Feels like forever 😉 Yeah I can tell from you nick that you are a movie fan! Star Wars mainly?

Yoda: Yes, I am a Star Wars fan. The reason I put my nick like this was because everybody had a nickname and every army had a Yoda. So I said I should make my nickname Yoda :PanDuck: because the Help Force had no Yoda! :wot_SAE: Also why not! :awe:

Wynn: OMG lol, never thought of that! Seems to be true. Hahaha can you imagine Help Force in the Star Wars universe? :thinking: What do you think would be its role, and when on the SW timeline?

Yoda: Well if it Help Force in the Star Wars universe it can be mad fun, Silver Empire, it would be an empire (what a irony).:hidemepls: Nell, Barney, Elp, Ayan would be on Jedi Council, normal Helpers would be padawan, staff would be Jedi Masters, Silver Rush war would be like Clone Wars, allies would be Republic soldiers:HFsalute: So it would be mad fun (dang I used so many would be)!

Wynn: No worries XD I love imagining such scenarios so much lol! What are your other interests, apart from SW movies?

Yoda: I love playing games (especially Minecraft), watching series or movies playing basketball, playing chess… And listening music.

Wynn: What are your favourite movies, series, and what genre?

Yoda: I love science fiction and animation movies and probably my favorite series Umbrella Academy, Rrick and Morty, Final Space, Stranger Things and Disenchantment. My favorite movies is Avengers Infinity War, Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith, Batman Dark Knight trilogy and Joker.:vibing:

Wynn: That’s similar to my taste! You mentioned you would like to be a youtuber, and that you are interested in movies. Are those things connected to your future career in personal life?

Yoda: Hmm, It may be nice to be a youtuber, but I do it more as a hobby I guess I think I’m gonna be work on computer engineering or software. But if I’m a youtuber, I’ll try to shoot nice content like Mr Beast in the future.

Wynn: Rip I don’t know this youtuber. Good luck with everything in your life! What exactly is the content you would like to work on?

Yoda: Races, game videos, experiments, challenges and daily vlogs.:vibing:

Wynn: I hope you can do what you love in life! 🙂 For the last question, do you want to tell anything to the Helpers reading us?

Yoda: Thank you Wynn :heart::sparkling_heart:Hello mates!! :flower2: How are you all? I hope you all good well ty for reading this interwiew. You know there is a corona outside, take care of yourselfs and maybe if you’re lucky, you can make a interview with Wynn like me! Cya mates!:flower2: :catluv: :woohoo_SAE:

Wynn: Thank you so much for the kind words, for the important reminder and for your time! :two_hearts: Hope you have a great day, it was my pleasure to talk with you!

Yoda: It was a pleasure to talk to you for me tho!:flower2:


This is unfortunately the end of this week’s Faces of The Force edition! Let us know if you enjoyed it and if you learned something new about Yoda. Make sure you say “hi” when you meet him in the server and stay tuned for another interview next week. Thank you everyone so much for joining us today and thanks Yoda, you are the best!


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