Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for a huge puffles takeover! Before we moved to have fun in other rooms, we did some tactics at Town. Thank you for leading Diwix, RU, Alex, Yoda and Plotter!

MAX: 39+ 

Comment below if you attended the event!

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Greetings everyone! On Sunday we logged onto CPR for the Zipline OPERATION: HELL IN A BELL! At the event, we waddled around many rooms to have fun and practice! The event was a great success! Thank you everyone for coming, thank you Yoda, Scorpion Demon, Staff, and ROOBOO for leading, and congratulations to all the new promotions!

MAX: 27+

Comment below if you attended!


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Hey Helpers! Today we all logged onto CP Rewritten on Server – Ascent for another Branch Battle of Team Fire vs Team Water. Team Fire was led my Ru, Amy and Yoda while Team Water was led by Desireus, Sam and Snowflake. It was once again one with fast formations and sassy tactics thrown at each other by either side with Team Water claiming another victory by winning two rooms and drawing one of them. Until next time, where we see you all at many more Big Events, Battles and Games, and of course, all the matches in the most awaited Legends Cup XI, starting this Saturday!

Max: 41+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

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Faces of The Force – Yoda


Hi, what’s popping, Helpers? The time has come for a new edition of Faces of The Force! In this series we talk to the most committed members of HF and try to learn something new about their army career and personal life! Every active Helper as a chance to be featured! Let’s dive into todays interview with our newest star, the extremely kind and hardworking… Yoda!

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