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Hello and welcome everyone to the brand new edition of Faces of The Force! Did you miss it? If not you sure have no idea what the series is about. Each week we choose one of the prominent members of the Help Force and interview them. The questions are about both HF career and personal life so you can get to know our guests better. Work hard and you may be invited too! For now, meet our new Face of The Force, the amazing… Walver!

Give a hearty welcome to Walver, an experienced and committed member of EU division! He joined Help Force in November last year but is an original CP player. His activeness and devotion earned Commodore for him, the highest promotion rank that not many posses! You can easily meet Walver in the chat and at the events so make sure you won’t lose the opportunity to talk to him, weather the subject is books, games or Help Force, I assure you the conversation will be interesting!

Wynn: Hi, hi, thanks for finding some time for me, Walver! Hope your day was amazing!

Walver: Hello! yes I had a great day! How are you?

Wynn: Thank you, I’m alright as well! I want to start with asking when did you joined Help Force?

Walver: I joined Help Force in November, it was really fortune, I was playing cpr then went afk for a bit to come back to see a group of penguins getting stamps! And there was one penguin saying that they had a discord server so I got curious and searched through disboard for a cpr stamp server, and luckily I found Help Force!

Wynn: Oh yeah, a lot of people used to join from stamp segments! Indeed very lucky :heh: Is that what you were looking for in HF? More stamps?

Walver: Yes, when I first joined Help Force it was for stamps, but I had no clue Help Force did so many more activities and was this awesome!

Wynn: What exactly made you stay for longer, after you got your stamps?

Walver: Firstly, it was the amazing and kind community, that made me stay and like Help Force, then I learned about ranks and battles, I found battles quite fun, and Help Force is actually the first discord server I join so that made me stay and want to know how discord works too!

Wynn: It was my first server too! Which battle is your favorite so far?

Walver: The Aces of Ausia finals was awesome and one of the biggest battles I attended! And also the battle against RPF in Christmas Chaos, it was huge and one of the first battles that I attended and in which learned the basics of battles.

Wynn: Is that what makes you stay active in Help Force? The amazing battles?

Walver: Yes, the battles and fun events, the helpful segments like stamp segments, and ofc the wonderful community is what made me stay active in Help Force!

Wynn: Always the community, of course! Did you happen to host segments already?

Walver: Well, actually not yet, I will be sure to host soon though when I am free :smile: The only thing I hosted so far was an Among Us room in an event… and I would like to host Krunker but my internet won’t let me do so. XD

Wynn: I hope you will be able soon! Hosting is so much fun! What else is on your Help Force bucket list?

Walver: To go for GoTW again, and try to get Recruiting God too when I am free, and also try to host more things like Find Four tournaments.

Wynn: Good luck with that :luv: You talk about Krunker and other games, is playing one of your hobbies?

Walver: Haha yes and I also read quite a lot when I am free too I have a lot of books in my home that I read everyday. :smile:

Wynn: I love books too! What do you like to read? Any favorite genre, author?

Walver: I read a lot of myths and mystery books they get me interested :smile: and I also remember I used to read a lot about greek mythology, one of my favorite series when I was a little younger was “Percy Jackson” about the greek gods.

Wynn: My sisters loved it! So you are more of a fantasy person. Are they games you play fantasy related as well?

Walver: I had played “Dark Souls” and “Sekiro” once but I don’t think I dare to take over that challenge again any time soon lol I had also played “God of Wars”, but the most game I play now is a multiplayer strategy game called “Town of Salem”.

Wynn: What else do you do outside of the Help Force, if you are not reading or playing? Any other hobbies or goals?

Walver: I like playing handball very much I had been going to the club at least 3 times a week and play with my friends before the lockdown… I was just going to join the handball team in my club but unfortunately didn’t because of covid.

Wynn: Oh rip, yeah, covid changed everything. So instead you joined HF hahaha. What do you think makes Help Force special?

Walver: Help Force is special in many ways, like all the fun segments and events, and alongside the tons of fun, is the ranking up which makes it better, and the awesome community, that is kind and makes you feel welcomed and special like it is a second family. :smile:

Wynn: Changing subject a little bit, how did you start playing Club Penguin? 

Walver: I had been playing the original one until it shut down… Then a few months ago in the lockdown I was bored and remembered club penguin and decided to see what’s up then I learned about Club Penguin Rewritten and started playing it.. Two weeks later I joined Help Force :smile:

Wynn: Lucky day! And we are all happy that you are a part of our internet family! What is your favourite party?

Walver: I had seen some parties like the Anniversary, the Submarine Party, and the Noir Party. The Anniversary was my favorite and it was then that I learned the Ice Berg can be flipped and it was the first party I see in club penguin rewritten.

Wynn: Nostalgia :luv: Alright, for the conclusion, do you want to tell anything to the people reading the interview? 

Waler: Thank you for being a part of Help Force, being kind and participating in this amazing community, because everyone of you matters and is important in this family, and without you Help Force wouldn’t be what it is now!

Wynn: And thank you for spending that time with me! Hope you enjoyed it and you have a great night!

Walver: Thanks for having me here!


Unfortunately this is the end of the amazing interview! Stay tuned for another one next week, leave us some feedback and if you want to suggest a new Face of The Force, don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank you Walver for agreeing to be interviewed and our deepest gratitude to everyone who follows us! Remember to congratulate our guest when you meet him! See you next time folks!


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