GoTW #145

Not even catching his breath after winning his 3rd Gamer of the Week, Walver is speeding up and gets his 4th award! Well done, Wolfy!  It was an amazing week! How long will his GoTW Strike be? Let’s see who else will be brave enough to compete against him next week! Good luck to everyone! ‘Does this guy ever rest?’, you may be wondering. The answer is: no. Wolves never sleep 😀 Or should I say bats…

Faces of The Force – Walver


Hello and welcome everyone to the brand new edition of Faces of The Force! Did you miss it? If not you sure have no idea what the series is about. Each week we choose one of the prominent members of the Help Force and interview them. The questions are about both HF career and personal life so you can get to know our guests better. Work hard and you may be invited too! For now, meet our new Face of The Force, the amazing… Walver!

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