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GoTW #144

We congratulate one of our dearest members, a young wolf who never gives up, not even when his internet isn’t working very well, our Walver! He recently won his 3rd Gamer of the Week award which also makes him a Gamer of the Week Specialist! 😀 We couldn’t be happier for him <3 Apart from his gambling addiction, Walver has always been friendly and eager to help people 🙂 Good luck on your path as Junior Staff, Wolfy! P.S. waffles>>pancakes

Faces of The Force – Walver


Hello and welcome everyone to the brand new edition of Faces of The Force! Did you miss it? If not you sure have no idea what the series is about. Each week we choose one of the prominent members of the Help Force and interview them. The questions are about both HF career and personal life so you can get to know our guests better. Work hard and you may be invited too! For now, meet our new Face of The Force, the amazing… Walver!

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