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Hey Helpers! Welcome to the newest edition of “How Would You Help”. A series dedicated to bringing you through the eyes of the HF Staff Team. Tricky questions are asked to our staff, whether it be about Recruiting, Events, or even CPRewritten. I ask questions that should hopefully give you a little insight on what the staff of HF do!

The next 3 Moderators on my list were 3 Marshals of Help Force, 1 from each division!

If a member is possibly one of the most active troops in HF but was rude to staff, how would you handle the situation?

First, I asked HF Marshal Rooboo of the EU Division

No matter who’s in what position, respect and acceptance come first. If you’re not happy with someone working with u, how would you possibly be comfortable, convenient, and enjoying? Even if you are staff and you’re being rude to a member, this should be forbidden. In the end we are all human and we are all one in Help Force.

Rules in Help Force were made for everyone even for staff. Not because someone has a high position it means he or she can break a rule. Indeed a very active member should already know all of that by now but who knows, some of the most active people in Help Force had mutes, warns, and even got kicked before. Consequences are crucial to be handed to all people within Help Force.

An active member benefits us as staff by his or her presence, activeness, hard work. We benefit that active person by giving the chances to earn sapphires, roles, and even obtain promotions (Rewards and awards). By this way we should be worried about him or her and try to help and fix that “rude” matter so we can both hold the stick from the middle. What I mean is we should try to help our core and do our best to save that person from receiving severe consequences.

Rules are rules, you either move by them or not. Above all we care about our troops and give them so many chances and I think those consequences like escalating warns and mutes should be a sign for them to stop that matter. In the end: no matter who you are: if you don’t go by the rules; you will fall and you will let Help Force fall with you so there’s no excuses.

I would DM, encourage that person on his or her work, tell them how much his or her efforts are well-recognized, explain to him or her about how much of a role-model he or she is to the new helpers and new troops especially active ones. If it escalates I’ll go by the consequences rules and start doing the warns and mutes. If the matter got stopped good, if not we still go by more consequences. In the end he or she is treated the same.

Next up, AUSIAs Marshal Slushy

Rules in HF are meant to be followed by everyone despite their rank. No matter what rank a person is, the rules are crucial. Many of the active members might know of the consequences they have to face when breaking a rule, it’s our responsibility to make sure they respect the staff and everyone else. We make sure everyone in HF is treated the same no matter what rank they are, if they’re not following the rules, consequences are supposed to take place. People try their best in order to contribute to the army, and they get rewarded for doing so. I would first let them know about how they shouldn’t do such a thing, and how their efforts are being recognized by us. If they still don’t understand after the warnings, I’d resolve the situation with a mute or warn

Finally, US’ Marshal Snowy

It’s not nice to be rude to anyone, staff member or otherwise. It’s great that this member is active and takes part in a lot of events and activities, but attitude is also very important. Active members benefit the army a great deal, but being rude takes a lot away from the fun community. No one likes to watch someone be rude or a party pooper. I would explain to this person in dms that we don’t tolerate rude behavior and that they could contribute even more to the army by being nice and friendly to everyone. If they persisted, I would give a follow-up explanation in dms along with a warning. We want to keep the community as friendly as possible, and I believe all of us can help to keep it that way.

Lovely answers from our lovely Marshals. Rooboo gave us a very detailed answer that we are sure is insightful to everyone! We love our active troops as they provide for the army is many beneficial ways, but if you seem to break rules, you will not be treated differently, we all are one and we all have one major goal, to be apart of HF and get grow!

Thank you all for joining us this month on How Would You Help! Join us next month as we interview the remaining 3 Marshals!

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