Faces of the Force – Violet (Kenzie)


Howdy Helpers! The time has come, a shining new edition of the FotF series is finally here! If you don’t know, each week we choose an active and helpful member of the Help Force and interview them, We ask questions about both their army career and personal life so you can get to know them better! Work hard and you have a chance of being invited too! For now, give a huge applause to this week’s Face of the Force… Violet!

Violet (Kenzie) is a very active AUSIA member who you can meet in the chat every day! She joined us in November last year and currently posses the rank of First Lieutenant! Violet contributed a lot to Help Force growth and is really sweet and ambitious person so talking to her is always a pleasure! Make sure you won’t miss it! Read the interview if you wanna get to know her better right away!

Wynn: Hi Violet, thank you so much for finding time for me! How is your day going?

Violet: Thanks for asking my day is going pretty good! :smile:

Wynn: Happy to hear that, I hope we can make it even better here! Can you remind us when did you join Help Force?

Violet: I officially joined HF on 13th November 2020.

Wynn: Can you tell me what made you join and stay active?

Violet: I joined as I wanted to make some friends on discord as I was new to it I was a bit shy earlier and got active since Jan 2021 and since then I’ve made some really good and amazing friends here!

Wynn: Seems like the people are always the reason why new recruits become active, it’s so heartwarming! I remember your beginnings, your efforts and how you became to truly shine! What is the most heart warming memory so far?

Violet: My most heart warming memory was winning RoTW for the first time as it was my first achievement at HF.

Wynn: I would call it a really huge success, you are a really good recruiter and you take a part in making HF grow every day so congratulations! I think you were also going for GoTW that week. Are you planning to try again?

Violet: I don’t think so as I have taken a short break from recruiting as well and I don’t attend recruitment segments either nowadays, I do want to go for GoTW some time later.

Wynn: Of course, it’s ok to take a break and I wish you luck in the future! Any other things that you want to achieve in HF in a long run?

Violet: Thanks , I do wish become a HF staff and to do as much as I can to help the army grow!

Wynn: When you work hard enough you always have a chance :luv: Why would you like to be one?

Violet: I want to become a staff so that I get more experience in moderating and management as being a staff isn’t that easy. :grinning:

Wynn: Oh, any staff members that you look up too in particular? Except me hahahaha

Violet: I do really look up to Ru :heart: as she is the the sweetest and the best , I have seen her being helpful to everyone be it helping reccing or anything and she helps me a lot whenever I need help, which is why I really wish to be like Ru one day!

Wynn: Yes, I definitely agree with that, Ru is one of the most sweet and helpful people around :luv: And for now, what is your favorite activity in HF?

Violet: My favourite activity in HF (it is not matchmaking) it is recruiting ofc!

Wynn: Oh hahahaha I’m not sure if to believe you! So about matchmaking, I heard we have a new ship in the server, can you tell us about it?

Violet: Of course it will be a pleasure lol. Well the new ship is #Joewy. For those who do not know it stands for Joe and Snowy personally idk when and how they got shipped but now here I am planning a wedding for them with Jayden being the backup bride (I still don’t know how Snowy and Joe are okay with it). :joy:

Wynn: Rip all three of them XD All the best for that new chapter in their lives! Do you have any other interests apart form matching? What do you in your free time?

Violet: I usually would be pinging random ppl on discord or be reading in my free-time :grin:And now that my school has begun I rarely get free time as I have homework studies and stuff.

Wynn: Good luck with school! I love books myself so I just need to ask, what do you like to read?

Violet: I am a really big potterhead so I read Harry Potter, I read articles, facts as much info I can find related to Harry Potter (I have watched every single movie too including Fantastic Beasts). I also take up many Harry Potter quizzes!

Wynn: Oh yes, I guess you are on Wizarding World then! Can you tell me what are your tests results? House, wand, patronus?

Violet: Sure… My house is Ravenclaw. My wand is Redwood with a phoenix feather core, 13″ and quite bendy flexibility (I memorized it). My patronus is A Black and White cat.

Wynn: I read that redwood wands choose wizards and witches who “already possess the admirable ability to fall on their feet, to make the right choice, to snatch advantage from catastrophe.” Do you think it describes you well? 

Violet: Kind of like I cant say if that is me but like a 25% yes it does describe me :sweat_smile:

Wynn: Ok so, for the last question – do you want to share some thoughts with the people reading this interview? 

Violet: Well to all the Helpers reading this I want you to know that if you think that you are ranking up slow as compared to others it is okay as I took 3 moths just to become an Elite Helper (yes it is true as I didn’t knew what reccing was that time) so its totally fine to be slow and if you ever need help DM me I am always here :heart:

Wynn: Than you Violet for the encouragement and for taking time to talk to me today :luv: See you around and have a nice evening!

Violet: Thanks for having me! It was a pleasure talking to you today :heart:


Unfortunately that is all in this week’s Faces of the Force edition! Thank you Violet for spending this time with me, it was amazing! Dear readers, thank you for joining us and don’t forget to congratulate Violet in the server! Leave a comment below and stay tuned for yet another interview coming up next week! See you then!


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