[EU] March Madness Quarterfinals vs Silver Empire

Heyoo Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent server for our battle against the Silver Empire, which was led by Barnito, Nelly and Joe. The Battle went very well with tons of tactics, formations, bombs all performed with perfect coordination and speed. The Battle resulted in a 3-0 win for Help Force! Good Job Helpers!

Max: 57+

Event Attendees

Barney. Nell. Ayan. Joe. Jayden. ..Flameout56.. Desireus. riley/kara. Anish Sangpa. Zenishira. arctichen. Anthony. Piesu. Maisie. master yoda. trintrin. plotter. Areczekk. Lessa. Mir. Sprince. ROOBOO. Skillz. Xtra. Ani. Diwix. Mayathefirst. Wynn. Mandal. Jason_Red. Slush. Ashley UwU. asla. kloʊi. Walver. alex1904. Eshal. Planet. Ru | Emma. dufus. TM1366. Fxtima. LYD. Traffic light. Heya, its fera. Messy. Jerryyy. javi. HrammerOfficial. Vixx. Sigma=Ligma. syd. Spidey. Lyman. Panda. Eblorimer. Andee, Muntaha. Oliversalad. Sommer. rat king. Sam Chilles. Volcano. shinosuke. Ryan

The next round is against Ice Warriors. See you all at the battle on the weekend! :barnsalute:


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