Hey there Helpers! Today we all logged onto CP Rewritten for the AUSIA part of the game-day with 3 awesome games played one after another. After some fast and neat tactics led by Ayan, Barney, and Nell we all stayed in-game to play “Guess The Room”, a “Trivia” and “Find Four Tournament”.The troops had a lot of fun and prizes were given out to the winners. 

MAX: 52+

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[EU] March Madness Quarterfinals vs Silver Empire

Heyoo Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent server for our battle against the Silver Empire, which was led by Barnito, Nelly and Joe. The Battle went very well with tons of tactics, formations, bombs all performed with perfect coordination and speed. The Battle resulted in a 3-0 win for Help Force! Good Job Helpers!

Max: 57+

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March Madness 2021 Round 1 Predictions!

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital — Heyo Helpers! I hope you’re doing great today. CPAHQ have announced the first Tournament of this year – March Madness 2021! Let’s find out more about the proceedings of this Tournament and the various armies participating in it! Don’t miss the fun prediction game for Sapphires!

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[INT] Finders Keepers event with ACP

Greetings Helpers! Today we logged into the CPR for a joint event with our Brother Allies – Army of Club Penguin! First we did some tactics at the Studium followed by an old style battle at Snow Forts! Then after doing some tactics together we moved to the Iceberg for a Valentine’s Day Trivia! Congratulations to all the winners, huge thanks to Wynn, Barnito, Joe and Jayden for organizing and even bigger thank you to you ACP! It was good to see you all there!

MAX: 32+

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[AUSIA] Operation: Find Four

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR for this fun event! We did lots of great tactics and formations led by Jayden, Skillz and Slush at the Snow Forts and the Ski Lodge. We also had a great time playing a Find Four tournament! Thank you all for attending! Great job today, helpers!

Max: 29+

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[INT] Unscheduled Card Jitsu Tournament!

Today we logged on our own CPPS HF island for an unscheduled CJ tournament!!

It was hosted by the one and only tistle, and was won by Wynn!!
with Aoao and ItzzzzzAdara in second and third!

Thank you to everyone who participated!!

We maxed 30 but were not able to get a photo of it

Max: 30+

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[AUSIA] Sled Racing Tournament

Hey Helpers, the AUSIA division did a Sled Racing Tournament on CPR – Zipline and it was hosted by Crystal! Congratulations to Krebi for winning the Sled Racing Tournament!


Make sure you comment below for promotions!

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Hey Helpers! Today the US division did a Sled Racing Tournament which was on CPR. The tactics were led by Kendall, and we had a Managing officer named mayathefirst help to co-host the Sled Racing Tournament. Congratz to Harout for winning!

Max: 19+

Make sure you comment below if you came!

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[US] Igloo and You

Hey Helpers! Today we had an Igloo and You fun event!

We logged on CP Oasis for this event. During the event, we gave each participant 5 minutes to create an igloo according to the theme given. Read more to see some of the winning igloos!


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Pre Christmas Event

Hey there Helpers! Once again on Tuesday, Helper Force logged onto Mammoth on CPATG for the EU tactics event and Sled Race Tournament!

During the event, the members wore a special Christmas themed costume as Christmas was on the very next day! Following the event, there was a Sled Race tournament held which Albert won! Overall, the event went great with the tactics and formations done neatly and deftly as usual!
Here are a few images from the event:

MAX: 24+

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