[EU/US] Battle: Blue Storm

Hello Helpers. Today we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to battle the Silver Empire yet again, however they didn’t turn up. Resulting in a 6-0 score. Regardless, we hosted an Icecream Takeover which was really fun! We cut the event short because of the amount of time we waited for Silver Empire. The rooms were Town and Underground Pool, and we were led by Ayan, Joe, Nell, and Barney. Great job today guys!

Max: 43+

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[US] Crushed Candies

Hey Helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the 4th battle of the Silver Rush War. We had some great tactics and fast formations in all rooms lead by Ayan, Joe, and Wynn. Thank you all for attending! the score is now 40

MAX: 40+

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[US] Find ‘Em Out

Hi Helpers! today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for the 3rd battle of the Silver Rush War. We did some amazing tactics and formations lead by Ayan, Barnito, Nell, Joe, and Wynn. We firmly took home the victory and made the score 30 

MAX: 39+

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Hello Helpers! Today we logged onto CPR once again to face Silver Empire in a battle! Sadly our opponents decided to continue running away from us so the Silver Rush War result is now 2-0 in our favor! We did great tactics in Inside Mine, Night Club and Stadium led by Jayden, Wynn and Barnito. Great job everyone, the victory belongs to us!

Max: 41+

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[EU] Color Wars

Hey Helpers! Today we had a new type of event called Color Wars where we turned yellow and had our Gold Jetpacks equipped and fought valiantly against the Army of CP, Water Vikings and Silver Empire. We moved back in time to 2006 where battles were all Snowball Fights and the teams were differentiated by colors. Tactics were led in game by Commanders Ayan and Barnito.

Max: 49+

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[EU] March Madness Quarterfinals vs Silver Empire

Heyoo Helpers! Today we logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent server for our battle against the Silver Empire, which was led by Barnito, Nelly and Joe. The Battle went very well with tons of tactics, formations, bombs all performed with perfect coordination and speed. The Battle resulted in a 3-0 win for Help Force! Good Job Helpers!

Max: 57+

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