[INT] Invasion of Sled

Greetings Helpers! Today was an exceptional day as we logged onto CPRewritten – Ascent to invade Sled, a server held by the Silver Empire. Likewise with the Vengeance alliance created between the HF, ACP, and RR, together we were huge in numbers. Though the Silvers had a no-show, it’s evident that the Vengeance has spread its significance.
Congratulations to everyone on invading Sled.

Thanks to our battle leaders FatChicken88, Sidie9 from the ACP Hcom, and Joe as well as Vedant.

Max: 42+

Comment below if you attended the battle!

Max Picture

Thank you all once again for attending the invasion.

Vengeance stands strong, forever.

7 Responses

  1. Hello! I’m PrinceRomeo0, and on discord mostly known as

    I have to say, I had a lot of fun, I can’t wait for Silver Empire to taste defeat in the next war!

  2. sophie_sapphire#7228
    battle was awesome xD

  3. It was a wonderful series of button-mashing and finger breaking. If things keep going at the pace they are, The Silver Empire will be history before we even know it!


  4. I came and it was awesome! :hell:

  5. I attended, it was an amazing event

  6. Fantastic event! i attended

  7. discord: Mayathefirst#2481
    cpr: tulip38

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