[EU] Practice Battle with IW

Heyo Helpers!
Today we logged into CPArmies for another practice battle against Ice Warriors. The Practice battle was on the Alsaka server within the rooms, Inside Mine, Iceberg & Docks. The Battle was led by our leaders Barnito and Hannah with a result of 3-0 win for the Ice Warriors.

Awesome work today helpers!!


Comment below for points!!!

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs RPF

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPArmies for a Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Practice Battle took place on White House in rooms such as Snow Forts, Docks & Iceberg. The Battle was led by Barnito & Hannah and resulted in a 1-0 win for Rebels. Amazing Job Helpers!

Max: 60+

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NAA Boots Defence – SUCCESS

Hi there Helpers! Last Sunday, The National Armies Alliance consisting of The Royal Family of CP, The Aliens of CPO and The Help Force Logged onto Slushy and successfully defended their territory, Boots from the Templars.

Together we won both, the Ice Berg and the Town! Here are some pictures that were taken during the battle :

MAX: 40+


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Invasion of Boots – SUCCESS!

Welcome back, fellow helpers!! Just a bit after Help force claimed Abominable Help Force logged onto Slushy once more to claim Boots on behalf of the NAA!!

Just like the other Invasion, this one went exceptionally well! Every troop was active and energetic during the event

Max: 52

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Invasion of Abominable – SUCCESS

Welcome back, Helpers!! Just this Saturday, Help Force logged onto Slushy to claim Abominable for the NAA!

The whole army was very hyped throughout the event and we ended up successfully invading the server!! Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max: 42

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Alliance Practice

Hey there Helpers , Help Force CPO , along with other armies in the National Armies Alliance had a War Preparation today.
The Event was hosted on Blizzard which is the Capital of NAA.

Here are some Pictures from the Event :

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Hey there Helpers , The National Armies Alliance comprising the Fashion Army , Ninjas of CPO , Help Force CPO invaded Blizzard ( The Capital of Aliens ) and grabbed it away from the opponents.
It was a successful event as we managed to win all the 3 Rooms.

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HelpForce CPO Joint SMU

segment stamp
Hi Guys , On Monday , the Helpforce of CPO logged in into Sleet with the Pirates to have their Joint Stamp meet up !!!
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Alliance Event

Hi Guys, Yesterday the Help Force collaborated with THE NINJAS and had their Co-operative Stamp Meet-up 🙂 We helped people with Igloo, Happy room, Band and Snow fort Stamps. The Alliance worked out really well and we hope to do more events in the future together!!

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